Monday, November 30, 2009


Well well well's something on my personal life >

could it be? maybe ;)

Honestly, i wasnt even into this person 'A'. We met at a friend's birthday party back in July (but we hardly even talked, infact, i didnt even noticed 'A'), then we stumbled again through the internet and we started chatting.
And no i didnt play it cheap!
Rejection was my game but still, 'A' never gave up and kept on trying till i literally said F*** OFF!
And thats what 'A' did :P

But then about 2 weeks ago, we bumped into each other again, this time in a club and 'A' said hi and i said hi as well. Nothing more than that.
Then as i left the club, 'A' came chasing after me and asked for my number...which after all the effort, i decided what the heck.

And from that moment on, 'A' kept sms-ing me and even asked me out which i said yes to (a big relief to 'A'...attt lassssttt..hahaha )

and till now (the day i wrote this blog) we've been out on 4 dates and i must say that it was no mistake at all. Loving everything 'A' is doing for me and i feel sooo appreciated.

So thank you cupid for aiming that arrow my way.

ps: nothing official yet and im still in a 50/50 state.

In the words of my pop idol Anastacia- to my future lover, fate will find you cuz you have the power of truth behind u