Thursday, September 29, 2011

Empire Shopping Gallery goes BOOM!!!

I was doing my jog at Bukit Gasing 2 days back when i got an sms from my gym (Fitness First) at Empire saying "Dear members, Fitness First Empire will be closed due to an emergency evacuation by the building....". At first i suspected that we were experiencing another light tremor (Tall buildings always initiate an evacuation whenever slight tremors were felt throughout the country). However, it wasnt till that night itself that i got the news of what actually happened!

Empire Shopping Gallery has been my weekly visit since i joined the gym there. Looking at the damages done by the explosion, i can't believe that i was there just a few days back and how no one saw what will happen to this popular shopping mall.

As of now, it has been reported that the blast was due to some gas leakage from the ground floor. It has been said that the explosion could be heard all the way up to Bangsar! Some 15 minutes away (driving distance).

Gas leakage? Seriously?....Is it THAT easy for a building to just blow up into pieces without signs whatsoever? We are once again reminded the danger of shopping malls.

The explosion happened at 3.45am (Thank God) and fortunately no one was killed in this event, however 4 people suffered minor injuries. Things would have been uglier if it was to happen during business hours!

Could this just be luck? or.....planned?
Now, im no detective nor am i involved in any CSI Organisation but i must's suspicious enough to think that no one actually noticed these leaks and that it had to happen in such odd hours.

Well that's me btw. Adding some spice to my stories just to heat things up and give ya'll some time to ponder your head about.

Now, here i am at home on my weekend when what i had originally planned was to head down to this mall and work this junk in the trunk out! hmmmm -_- are some pix on the blast >

Ouh and PS; For those wondering what happened to those poor animals in the petstore on the Lower Ground floor, no worries..they were all rescued and well alive! YAY

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In case you've been out of technology's reach lately and somehow decided to stumble on my blog for some reason then let me update you a little something on one of my (and Malaysia's) favourite rising singer, Yuna.

Yuna did 'ballad-indie' cover version of Nirvana's 'Come As You Are' recently and it sure has gotten a lot of attention from big names on planet Hollywood..and one of then is blogger, gossip God, PEREZ HILTON!

Yes, Perez posted the video up on his blog saying "This is so lovely!

Check out this awesome take on the Nirvana classic Come As You Are by Malaysian singer Yuna! ".

And it sure is a lovely version of the classic indeed. Smells like what? Smells like success yEAH!

To check the video out on Perez's website, here's the LiNk >>

Friday, June 3, 2011

Diary: UPdaTEs on mOi !!

Wassup friends! How's it going???
Sorry for the major delay on updating my blog and on Youtube as well.
If you have any interest at all in my personal life then you'd know that the last time i updated myself to you was when I'm busy in training with AirAsia.

Well 2 months has passed since then and im proud to say i passed the academy with flying colours and here i am, busy as ever!

its been about close to 3 months now that i've been flying 'solo' as a flight attendant and i must say, i am all drained out. 5 times a week, up to 6 flights a day. Can you imagine?

I feel the aging effect on myself and i aint lovin it. No No No....
Gone are the days when im able to stay awake till 4am and be asleep till noon. Now the latest for me to stay energetically awake is till 10pm. Anything more than that and im using all my might to keep my eye lids from falling.
Yes that's right...R.I.P to my social life.

But of course with every hard work, comes a price.
And that price, is on me ;)
I got half a taste of my full income last month and that has kept and will keep me smiling on every 26th day of the month. Heheheeeee~
Its my first four-figured earning in my life and Im proud of it.
And yes, with every price, goes my time for friends, family, partying, daily exercise and all the other routines i used to do before 4 months ago.

Ahhhh...Like everything else in this world ( i suppose ), time is needed to get the use of it. I'm still fitting myself hard to fit in the triangle box of my working hours. But that however is something all flight attendants in the world will have to deal with i suppose.
And surprise surprise, just half an hour into my standby hours, Im being called up for another flight later at 4 (as we, well I speak...or type o_O)
Another hour to waste so lets continue ~ Then comes the inflight services and standard of procedures. Complicated at first but im slowly getting the hand of it, Thank God, but Im still learning.
Ps; got my hand burnt from heating the food in the oven on board :( (and i was wearing gloves, mind you)

All in all work is fun IF, and ONLY IF, my set of crew are the fun ones as well.
People comes in different shapes and sizes including personality. However in the kind of work we are doing, It is utterly important for our leading to be humble, nice, patient and FUN for a smooth day at work. After all, THAT is the quality of personality AirAsia is looking for during the interviews~

Oh well...what else is there to say?
Work aside, when it comes to my social life, dinners and movies are all what i managed to do for now as all my days off are on the weekdays and let me remind mentally falling asleep after 10pm. sNorT~

Oh and on my health-story , I have replaced my daily outdoor walk in the little 'jungle' of Gasing Hill (Bukit Gasing) and nightly jog with the indoor atmosphere of the gym. Fitness First @ Empire, Subang mostly. Gotta buff up this flabs ya'll...although i know its gonna take years and years and years -_-.

Also, I have a new member to the family! Can someone say "meoowwww"! hahahah
yes, i've adopted a stray cat i found at the ever delicious Humble Chef about 2 months back and its the most adorable-easy to train feline ever. Dumbell is his name. < Don't ask >

Ok guys, GTG and get ready! Just found out that i need to be there at 3 instead of 4. an hour makes a lot of difference! CHOWWW~ 'tHat's LiFe...' ;)

ps; I'll leave you with more of my latest photo gallery~

View from the top

I was THIS close when Tun Dr Mahathir visited AirAsia academy!

Tobey after the vet. High as ever!

Sleepy Mommy :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Epic American Comedy ~The Nanny~

147 times and still counting...
Thats the amount of time i've glued my eyes on the screen watching The Nanny!

Yes, no other sitcom nowadays can ever compare to this brilliantly sketched piece of comedy art. PERIOD.

Created and executively produced by Fran Drescher (who is also the main character) and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, The Nanny took much of its inspiration from Drescher's personal life, involving names and characteristics based on near relatives and friends. The show earned a Rose d'Or and one Emmy Award, out of a total of thirteen nominations, and Drescher was twice nominated for a Golden Globe as well as for an Emmy. Since the early 2000s the sitcom has also spawned several foreign adaptations, loosely inspired by the original scripts.

But in my opinion, no comedy sitcom will ever be as ORIGINAL as The Nanny was.
Though it's no longer aired on TV, i get my dose of nasal voiced nanny on the ever convenient, Youtube! ;)
Also a favourite of Malaysian Idol winner, Jaclyn Victor, among millions others out there, The Nanny is a 'Must-have' DVD collection!
It still moves me to tears watching the last episode of this gut tickling series. Why must all good things come to an end?? :(

My favourite character in the show would have to be the mother...Sylvia Fine!!! heheh

The Nanny...two word: EPIC WIN!

Bravo to the one and only actual American comedy....with quality.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's BRITNEY bitch!

With Britney's failed 'advertisement music video' for Hold It Against Me, I was rather convinced that there won't be any reason for me to get excited on her next music video from that moment on.....little did I know Miss Britney would prove me wrong!

Browsing through Facebook, I found a Youtube link on Britney's new released video, 'Till The World Ends'.

At the beginning of the video, I thought this was gonna be one of those fake fan-made music videos that has other Britney look-alike in it. But, I was taken by surprise to know that it really is her and it's an original music video for that song!

Hot Hot Hotness!!!

Britney is seen dressed up in tights and stilettos that shows off her sexy curves.
The music video starts off like an Armageddon trailer with all the falling debris and meteors from the sky. A 2012 picture. But below all that chaos, a sexy party is being held underground with of course, Britney being the hostess of it all.

Looking back at this video, you would soon recognize that it looks like another 'Im a slave 4 you' spin-off. However, Im just relieved to see NO such promotional brands throughout it all! PHIEEWWWWW

But of course, when there's a plus point, there's the minus points.
The one thing that lacks in this video is.......yu, you guessed it! ~HER EPIC DANCE~
Nevertheless it has always been the problem since Kevin Federline came into the picture. Though i hope she doesnt gives up and start taking dancing seriously again.

Cause seriously, Britney....the one excuse we accept you for miming on stage is that you have some ass-kicking dance routine you always pull off on stage. Now that's history, there shouldn't be a problem on singing LIVE.

Kudos to the Director for NOT taking advantage of Britney like the rest, and for bringing sexy right back to her name ;)

Go Britney, Go Britney, Go Britney!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rebecca Black - FRIDAY. ~Misunderstood story~

"It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday,
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend..."

Introducing ONE of the most cheezy and cliche' song ever!
It almost seems like no effort was done whatsoever during the writing of the lyrics and Rebecca Black's voice proves that everyone out there has potential to become a singer.


Yes yes...Im not ashamed to go all out and say that I am now, a Rebecca Black FAN! weett weett ;p
Before you jump the gun and shoot me, listen up to what i've got to say and think about it yourself.

I started out as one of Rebecca Black's haters. Poking fun at the song and posting nasty jokes at the 13yo Rebecca Black. But at the same time, in the dark, away from other's presence, I was in fact hitting the replay button on Youtube!
Then i realize it! *I AM ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT*

I mean come on, Yes the lyrics could have been a lot better and her voice can be somewhat like an annoying duck, but what else can be said about that most anticipated day ~ FRIDAY!?

I had like what seems like the most longest week ever and when Friday finally came, Rebecca was singing to me the whole day.

Ok, my point >
1. Its a simple song about a day called Friday.
" Yesterday was thursday, Today it is friday, we we we so excited, we so excited,
we gonna have a ball today, tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwardssss.."
Now, HOW TRUE is this???
Do you guys get it now? The lyrics doesnt have to be so complicated and all, cause in the end, it's all about being excited that Friday is finally here and the day after would be the weekend! TADAAAA :D

Its about time someone comes up with something simple. Who says every song has to be perfectly written with bombastic words with original catchphrase and breath-taking story line?
I mean in reality, the only thing we are excited about on a Friday is that tomorrow, we don't have to work!
Its not always bout doing drugs, or making love, or about thousands of these insects called firefly lighting up the sky while you lay down dreaming about something...Its about a day called...*drum roles*...FRIDAY.

2. The voice. Yes yes, i cant argue here when i say she doesn't have the best voice ever and auto-tune is indeed a big help. However, TAKE NOTE she's only an AVERAGE 13YO GIRL! How many everage people out there? raise your hand! *raising hand*. Ok now you can drop back your hand down. You guys see my point yet?
It aint always about getting a singer with an angelic voice like JoJo and all, but let a normal 13yo express her joy on a Friday!
Whats the big deal? At least she reminds us that not everyone in the world can sing, and therefor she is sort of 'representing' us non-singers! hahahaha....but seriously.

Aside from these two points i have, it is NO DOUBT a very catchy song. And don't you be in denial about this.

We defend ourselves so much on being human...but which part of us is human when we say nasty stuff to a 13yo? Rebecca Black may not be perfect, but the only one in the world who is PERFECT, is not even visible. (You know WHO Im talking about).

We are real people with real voices and real feelings. (Full stop)

I have come to the end of my reasons on how and why I became, from a hater, to a fan.
And here's something i read somewhere on Twitter that makes A LOT of sense >
"To be honest, i don't see much different in CREATIVITY between 'Baby Baby Baby Oh...' and 'Its Friday Friday Gotta Get Down On Friday'"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diary ; Catching up time ;)

Heyyyy peeps!
Im so so so sorry on my 'disappearance'. But here's a catching up session (excuses as my defense) --->

No fancy shmancy story to update ya'll about, but on the other hand, I have joined the AirAsia Allstars family. Flight Attendant trainee Batch 117..the coolest batch on the academy! woohooo ;p

(my batch-mate Suresh, remy and ME )

Its my 4th week of training now and we (i, representing my batch of course) have about another 3 more weeks to go.

Grooming-Service Excellence-Announcement-Aviation-Inflight-(and as now,)First Aid.
These are the subjects of training i've been through and i have a few more to go.

My dear readers, let me tell you one thing: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE flight attendants!
Only once you join in the training process will you appreciate and understand the airline industry and how difficult it is to be a flight attendant..or as the general public consider us to be, 'waiters and waitresses of the airplane'.

There is more to it then just serving meals and selling items on board. 'We' are in-charge and responsible first and far-most, the passenger's SAFETY.
To be able, or properly saying, QUALIFIED to be the 'on air LIFEGUARD', we must first go through an intense/tiring training of first aid and safety-security class.

As of the date this blog is written, I am now in my 3rd day of first aid training and let me tell you this...IT AINT EASY!

So yes, a few months back my bed time was when the sun rises but now my sleeping schedule has turned outside down and i now rise along with the morning sun.

SO my dear readers, please forgive me for keeping it hush hush lately for i have been pretty busy (getting prettier while being busy! heheheehehehhe) and i PROMISE you this > I will post up anything worth blogging about once i have the materials aites!

As for now, keep following me and have patience. I'll BE BACK.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inhuman Beings

Abuse abuse abuse.
What is it that sparks such a disturbing manner into one's thoughts till the point it produced excitement and joy?
Its not an act of sanity.

I've been watching a lot of animal abuse videos posted on youtube and mainly Facebook, lately. A hooded teen throwing helpless new-born puppies into a river, a sexy woman stabbing a poor kitten in search of some love in the eye with her heels, twisted chinese girls sitting on glass placed on top of an innocent bunny till its being crushed to death and now,a most recent one that happened right here in Malaysia is a chinese man, slapping and tossing a poodle across the room after it failed it's lessons in standing only on its hind legs. Seriously?!

Since when did these creatures were ever able to be human in the first place?...Never had and never will.
But as for these so-called humans, they are doing a really good job at becoming inhuman. In fact, its a disgrace to label them anything more than an animal!
They're sick people with the heart of Satan's.

Since the video of the abused poodle started popping up on facebook about a few days ago, thousand of outraged viewers has been ganging up on finding these abusers in the video for some cruel yet fair revenge. Big and important names from th government has also made calls in complaint of the grueling act.

The video was posted up by someone who claimed she had discovered it on a thumbdrive and decided to upload it on the popular video streaming site > Youtube.
It became a popular hit. It saddened me, as a Muslim Malaysian, of how cruel AND stupid our locals can behave towards an animal!
As I'm writing this, I am also holding back tears in pity for the poodle. And no, im not just saying this to add in the dramatic episode. Personally, i love dogs. And i've been wanting one for myself to share love and care between us humans and them animals. After all, we came from one creator. But of course being a Malaysian muslim, i am restricted into owning a dog and this enraged me to think that those unfortunate innocent animals have to fall in the hands of knowledge-less people.

In the 15 minuets-long video, a shirtless man is seen yelling and shouting (in cantonese) at the poodle to stand on only its hind legs while a woman was recording the event. After failed attempt of the poodle to do so (hence, its a dog -_-) the man then started slapping and tossing the hurt dog across the room.
I have not personally watch this video yet and i dont think i even want to.
Just looking at these pictures makes me sick to my stomach and im typing this being completely PISSED OFF!
Idiots! *pardon my language but without a doubt, they deserve more than just foul language.

I HOPE that the authorities would soon get those involved in the video in handcuffs and behind bars if not on the electric chair.

Please people, start behaving like one.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Books: For One More Day

Its funny that i suddenly just 'gave birth' to my interest in reading. And this book makes me wanna continue reading!
Mitch Albom's 'For One More Day' is indeed a heartfelt book worth the read.
The book tells a story of a guy who lost contacts with his daughter and ex-wife, this lead him to the point of suicidal and as he involved himself in an accident, he found himself back at his childhood home, talking to his dead mother for a day. I shall not reveal the ending and details. Thats up to you to read up on it.

Mitch writes with simplicity which makes the book readable to anyone and his imagination on this story will lead u to tears as u go from one chapter to another.
Of all the days i took time to read this book, it only took 2 days to finish it up. Yes, this is indeed a MUST-READ among her other work such as '5 People You Meet In Heaven' and 'Tuesdays With Morrie' (which i have yet start reading, though i WILL).

ps: me being young, i just realized they made a movie of this book too! I would strongly advise you to take a read first before watching the movie. :)

Honest TRUTH: Khurafat ~ Perjanjian Syaitan

So Its been a week since the movie has been released in our local cinemas, and words are flying out and about that this movie, KHURAFAT, is one of the best horror movie and a must-watch this year.

'Best'? 'Must-watch'? question, which part???
As i confirmed my tickets, i was excited to know that what im about to watch is something my friends were tweeting about and how our local newspaper 'The Star' reviewed it as a horror movie filled with thrills, screams and suspense!
Little did i know i would walk out of the cinema feeling fooled, betrayed and above all, VERY upset with our local 'audiences'/film-critics on letting out false statement on KHURAFAT.

Perhaps some of you are saying im putting the standards a little bit too high on our local film industry and THIS was good enough. But if 'THIS' is good enough and my standards are 'too high', then when oh when will our industry starts improving into producing quality movies?
We will never go far if KHURAFAT is considered a good movie in the public eyes. Our audience plays a big cause, but thats another controversial topic.

Ok now, the FLAWS:
Typical malay scripts. Cliche' to-the-max and therefor, making it extremely unrealistic in our day to day conversation. Yes, it is always nice to read a well-spoken, formal dialogue BUT..that does NOT apply when it involves hearing it. Unless the movie is set way back in the early 19's or 18's, formal and polite scripts are just less believable to our present-day life-style. How can we relate ourself into the movie? When we cant relate, how would they expected us to enjoy the movie in full concentration? The audience will not get to feel or 'menghayati' the movie. And the number one criteria in making a good movie, is to make it as believable as possible.
Next we have the most obvious flaw through out the movie. "Camera, ACTION!" its like the director forgotten one important ingredient in making a realistic movie. LIGHTS!!! Can someone pleaseeeeeee turn on some lights on the set?! Yes i know the theme of the whole movie is based on chills and dark suspense moments, but when a scene is only lighted up with a 44 watts spotlight in the office, it makes us think of why haven't the hospital paid their bills yet? Unnecessary thoughts such as these will interrupt one's flow in the movie's storyline. In fact, there was a laughing chapter among the audience as one made funny assumptions on why there isn't enough lights in the scene!
Bad acting. Bad actresses. Nothing new in out local cinema problems. Who is in charge of the movie's casting dept? Why are they hiring such lousy actors? Can i even be extra cruel in being honest?..yes i can. UGLY UGLY actors! Not all of course. But some very unfavourable faces on the big screens. There are many many other actors who can play those roles much better. But it seems like talent and looks is blind when it comes to those in charge of the casting department. Yes, yes, yes. They were blind as a bat and the only thing they were doing was listening to the actors script reading without looking. Most probably why they didn't put the 'Doraemon' VO > Fasha Sandha in it. That, i must say was a good move. THE ONLY good move done.
Typical movie line and repeated scenes made KHURAFAT another obvious film to waste time one watching. Ghost at the back, girl looks back, ghost goes missing, girl looks around, girl does slow head turn to the obvious direction of the ghost..and TADAAAA there's the ghost!!!! Shocking and original right? *sarcasm*
You'll find yourself watching these types of scene through out the movie and if this sounds all too familiar, well it's probably because these are THE scenes used in EVERY local horror films. Predictable, typical, old-school, boring..YAWN ;o

There are plenty other details into making KHURAFAT a disappointment in my book, but biggest of all was that i held on to the false hope i got from local movie critics and easy-to-please audiences. Maybe it's my fault to think that finally, our Malaysian directors, that Syamsul Yusof ( who also starred in the movie. Another M.Night Syamalan? ), has finally come up with an original ghost movie with plenty of twists and unexpected story-line. Nevertheless we ( or in this case, I ) was lead to feeling nothing less than being annoyed and upset that i have wasted a good 1hour+ of my life! Will our Malaysian filmmakers ever make an original film? isn't it time already?! -__-

A friend i went to watch with said that KHURAFAT shouldn't have been nothing more than a telemovie and i have to put on my full agreement on that statement. KHURAFAT was not worth the hype.

If i had to rate KHURAFAT,
MOVIE rating: 2 stars.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year, New Changes

Happy new year to all my readers!
Yes, I'm well aware that I'm now about about 2 weeks overdue. My apologies.

Anyhow, On 11.1.11, I turned 22! Happy B'day to meeeeeeEEEEEEe.
No i dont feel old or physically different. Neither wings or (visible) horns have pop'd out from my head YET. And whats with this "So how does it feel being 22?" question??
How else am i suppose to feel?!

Moving on...on the start of 2011 itself, the 'universe' has showed and promised me change for the year. POSITIVE change!!! FINALLY!!!
2010 wasn't a good year for me. Filled with mischiefs and other countless dramatic moments i kept to myself.
This year, although its just beginning, Im happy to say that things are looking brighter for me.

So here are some updates on my personal life:
LOVE. oooohhhhh how i remember i hated that 'L' word. It has abandoned me for one whole year and now its BACK and its REAL.
Yes, I've been shooting cupid in the head lately but i forgot to shoot Karma! Careless me. tsk tsk
Now, Karma has played its card on me and im reminded again to NEVER say NEVER.
You might be asking "what's so bad if Karma has provided you love?". Well yes it is a positive thing and i WANT this kind of Karma on me. But how sure are we that this will last? What if things ends abruptly and im left with another broken heart yet again? Then THAT'S what you call a slap in the face.
Truth is, neither of us knows where this road will lead us. But a good friend once said to me recently ( and I try to remember this often ) > Every time your in a happy place, take a step back, breath in, enjoy the moment, and breath out. Do it again and again to make time moves slower. Its all about appreciation. And that is what WE have to do.
Simple...but difficult.

And what about my career you ask?
Career?? Atif Zulkifly working?
Yes peeps, The time has come. I shall not reveal much at this point of time, for im not yet officially working yet. But when i am, i'll keep ya'll posted aites!
One hint on this topic though: Im gonna be very busy and tired of flying ;)

I'd love to reveal more of my 2011 life but this will only lead from one yawn to another. Basically, i just wanted to update my blo with a simple 'Happy New Year' greeting but since im way overdue and its way too short, this was the best i can come up with.

Thanks for reading this far. And i'll keep more posts up soon
Meanwhile, If u have not heard....Justin Bieber is coming to Kuala Lumpur.
No, im nto a fan but i figured you guys would like to know anyways ;p

Till then, stay safe!