Friday, November 27, 2009

Pisau Cukur Review

First of all this is just my opinion k ;)

So...Pisau Cukur..


Honestly, i am not really a BIG Malay movie fan...i've only watched those that are recommended to me.

Pisau Cukur (gold diggers) is a story about these 2 money-minded friends who are on a hunt for the wealthy on a cruise ship. There, drama about love and crime took place and its up to one to find a husband and the other to solve the crime...hahhahah

So i must say, it was a twist i didnt expect..thought its all about love and all.

The movie's story line is simple and quick...meaning the viewers are not dragged on a long and boring or complicated scene here so there's not attention needed through out the whole movie.

The jokes told are OK.

some are new and funny, others are old and boring (not boring really but more like giving u a smile instead of a big LOL).

As for the script writing here, its not bad as well...simple, fun, exciting and predictable as well.

What about the casts??..Not bad either. Maya Karin and Fazura got the leading role and the handsome Aaron Aziz plays a detective. HAWWWTTT!!! ;P

All in all, Pisau Cukur is a movie meant for those who wants to sit back, chill and laugh after a long day at work.

Not much thinking required.

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  1. I is love this movie hahaha. Oh my Prada! Fazura stole the show la hehehe