Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Battle of the sex-es

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It's all missionary fun and games in public sex acts, that is of course until you get busted. Unfortunately that's what happened to a couple doing it in their balcony, in broad daylight, in Bnagsar South, KL. Little did they know that someone else was enjoying the view at the time...with a camera in hand.

During the long mating ritual, the cameraman was enjoying being a filmmaker himself, recording the entire session and next he has a 30 minute voyeur porn video. Now, thing has gotten out of hand and the video went viral. And so begin another unnecessary national scandal. Well, hardly, but you get the point. Now not only are the unidentified couple in trouble, but so is the witness himself!

Authorities are now questioning the couple and the cameraman on unintentionally distributing the graphic acts online. Looks like thing are going south in Bangsar South.
As usual, the national debating team (all Malaysian) are unease by the action taken by the police.

Was it wrong for the two lovebirds to hump like bunnies in their own balcony space?
Is it considered public sex even if they were in their own premises?
Should the man recording it be in questioning by the police, although he himself made a report?
Yes, yes and yes.

Let's be realistically fair.
The bunny couple should've known, or at least have the decency to cover themself up and have respect for their neighbouring residents EVEN if they were in a different building altogether.
Imagine explaining to kids should they asked "mommy, why is that man hitting the lady with his pee pee?". It is in broad daylight after all.
So they loved the idea of being caught...and caught they were.
Now, what about the authorities questioning the cameraman? Should he be in trouble too?
Simple, he wouldn't have if he didn't posted it up for the rest of the public to view it. I mean really. It doesn't matter if the couple were risking it and we're technically asking to get caught, it wasn't his call on sharing the indecent act to the nation.

I guess everyone got a piece of pie on their faces now.

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