Saturday, November 14, 2009

1, 2, 3...ZzZzZz

Ok....what do u think about Britney's 3 video?

well here's my opinion:

There's no denying that for a mother of 2 and after all the drama, Ms Spears is HOt HOT HOT!!!! But thats ALL there is in the video!

I mean there is nothing else to watch in the vid other then her body (which probly was her target).

Everything was in black and white, there wasn't much dance moves and the rest was spontaneous and boring.

What they could have done was to atleast add in more colours and lights to make it LESS dull.

And the song clearly is about a threesome so they could have stick it to being 3. There were more then 3 dancers in a scene which to me, was irrelevant to the song at all.

But none the less Britney was clearly showing off her hot bod and sexiness was all what the video is about (which is a good thing).

But still, a lot more could have been done to make it fun, sexy and interesting....

But no matter how dull it was, it's still soooo much better than the pointless "Radar" video..LOL

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