Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Public transport- the inconvenient truth

No i haven't gotten my license YET so the one way for me to get around KL is by public transport.
and let me just say this...IT"S BULLCRAP!

I thought public transports are suppose to be a convenient to the public, but we (all those public transport dwellers) were proven other wise....

Let me start of with TIMING.
Yes us Malaysian's are known for having a different time zone for each person but for the bloody busses to sometimes be up to an hour late??? it's ridiculous!!!
There are more than 3 busses for every route and the city aint that big talking about Kuala Lumpur here, you can drive from one end of the city to the other within 40 minuets.
Sometimes i just wonder what the drivers are doing during their breaks?...having an orgy most likely.
But ok thats fine, traffic could be the cause (yeeeaaaahhhh riteeeee),
but how about the bloody train????...KTM. Now THIS is frustrating. For heaven sake, it's a train that goes around the city (talking about the Shah Alam route).
Imagine waiting at the depressing station for more than an hour......bring your own rope people! u may want to hang yourselves.

Then comes the RUDE DRIVERS.
Im talking about everything from the way they speak to the way they freaking drive!
And yes i really mean freakinglishly-driving. Going on a bus or a taxi here in Malaysia is like a rollercoaster ride at Disneyland! (and who says we dont have one!)
Seriously, It's like all taxi drivers were trained to drive wrecklessly for them to have a license.
This one goes for busses as well....we do live in a dangerous city..hmhmhm

CLEANLINESS is an issue i dont even have to talk about..we all know the problem here

I mean seriously...what are the government doing with them?
They need to keep a close eye on our public transport cuz it's a nations shame when the tourists comes over.

tsk tsk tsk