Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life is full of mystery and meanings...Religion and sins

I just got back from a long karaoke session at Imbi with my friends and then we headed for dinner and had a lepaking session at some padang at Tmn Tun and there, i heard the most beautiful and meaningful discussion of life and religion from a FREINDS POINT OF VIEW (note that).

At first we were just recalling the times that we had in the past and then we moved on to astronomy, horoscopes and how the moon landing is a hoax but other life forms exists out there...slowly religion and life came into the topic.

My friend, Aaron,a Christian who have a basic understanding of Islam (he reads both the bible and the Koran) belives that both Christianity and Islam are very similiar and beautiful , then he talks about how people nowadays have a very hypocrisis way of thinking (something i have long agreed on). Its true that what you do on earth in the end is between you and God. No one but God himself has the right to pick your fate in the afterlife. "everything you do is a sin" is what Aaron told us. Which is true! Sins comes from a long range of wrong doings be it small or big but the common view of what the present day community is seeing today is that being gay (full stop).

What ever happened to the simple sins of backstabbing, gossiping, lying, cursing, and just hurting other people's feeling?..have they been erased in the holy books? or is it no longer a wrongful doing just because this is what straight and religious people do as well?
It seems like the rules of deeds and sins have changed on a very biased platform.
its simple..your gay, you'll go to hell. Your straight, you'll go to heaven.
Sure it is written in both the Koran and bible that being gay is a sin but that doesn't mean all gay people are guaranteed a place in hell!
If a prostitute who has never once prayed was given a place in heaven just becuz she sacrificed a bowl of water to a dog (a story told in both holy books as well), then who are we to point out one's fate in the next life?? I agree with him when he said that the biggest sin (in his point of view) is to intentionally hurt someone else's feelings.
These are just the few things we talked about religion...God is great and everthing that happens, happened for a reason..some we know, others are kept hidden from our knowledge as part of life's mystery.

Then soon its time for us to head home and on the way, Lina taught me that life travels on with God's guidance and teachings. Lately i've been living everyday of my life with the thought that things happens blindly and life is just a story that you yourself create without the help from 'the big man' up there. Dont get me wrong,i belive in God but i've never really acknowledged his presents till now. God speaks to us everyday, giving us the signs on which path to take, but its up to us to listen to Him or just ignore Him completely and do things blindly. A miracle isn't about having supernatural powers or seeing writings in the clouds..a miracle happens everyday in different ways. Sometimes a miracle happens so often that it is easy for us to say "its coincidence". sad.....

Life is beautiful and it revolves around one's self and God. And with the lessons i've learned from my good friends in just one day, i promised to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and God is great...

~thats life~

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