Monday, February 25, 2013

"I Demand The RESPECT i DON'T Deserve"

'I am a man with a tittle. Honour is within me for I come from the purest of soil. The blood in me is as white as my soul, I shit out diamonds, the words I speak dwells from the almighty's mouth and my wish is your command. I am invincible and no wrong can harm. When i do die, my body turns into gold dust. I AM GREAT! ' - Malaysian mentality when little power is given to them.

But to just say (Malaysian) isn't entirely fair either. Perhaps it's an individual issue and not everybody behave as such. MAJORITY-wise on the other hand....hmmmm.

My question here is, WHY CAN'T WE BE NICE?
Is it such an offence to simply treat another person with respect just because they don't owe them your life? And even if it's so, what is so important in the face of society for you to let ego overpower your mind and body?
Seems like everybody is competing with one another to see who the bigger douch is. That said in my own words of course.

Yes, occasional we may fall off the wagon and brush our dark side to one's face INTENTIONALLY, but it shouldn't continue on till it manifest itself into the person we are!
Must it take one tragic event to befall upon us just to bring our heads down to earth? And when it does, will people around us land a helping hand?

This issue seemed like a raising stake among our society nowadays. No no...don't get me wrong! Not everyone lose themselves in an ego frenzy. Some still manage to grip hold of reality on the person they were before. And it's these people whom makes me smile (or even cry at times) in public when random acts of goodness are kindly given by them.
'Society nowadays' does not only refers to those in the early age of adulthood or even teens.

Here's a a true story of what happened on my flight yesterday. (please note that for me to post such event publicly is a threat to my job, but yet i believe it is even more important to get the word across then to just fret and fuss unheard).
- So, as i was serving the pre-booked meals, at row 1, these malay group (in their senior age) started testing my patience. One of them claimed to be some sort of a 'Datuk' (although it mentioned nothing about so in his boarding pass), handed me a ticket of their previous flight in hopes that they get to fool me into giving them the desired meal they preferred. Unfortunately (for them), im alert as a guard dog and spotted the different flight number. Not only did they try manipulating me, they were also speaking to me in a way of saying 'i am a man with power'. I aint buying it. To irritate the situation even more, one of their friends, seated at row 2, was originally seated at row 23. In the airline i work with, row 1,2,3,4,5,12, and 14 are what we call the HOT SEAT. It's under the airline's policy that for you to be seated here, an extra Rm35 must be charged (during the purchasing of your ticket). So as he handed over his ticket of course me being the responsible flight attendant has to abide by the company's rules and regulations. My oh my how upset he got. "kau nak aku pindah sangat ke?? eh, aku cakap aku dah settle kan! Kawan aku duk sini! Macam mana leh cakap macam tu kat datuk?!". Translation; "You REALLY want me to move?? I've already settled this (with my leading crew)! My friends are all seated here (row 1)! How dare you speak to a 'Datuk' like this?! (the claimed-to-be-datuk at row 1).
My dear fellow people...This brings nothing but shame to your name. So this person who got overly upset at me claims to know someone of higher status and demand the VIP treatment from us. If THAT'S the case, dare i say i should be respected of all walks of life for im not only friends with a man with tittle, but i COME from a family respected in the Malay political society. I do not demand of such as i believe respect comes to one's self DESERVINGLY. You EARN respect, not BUY it.

So now today i've realised that these toxicated behaviours are getting more common day by day. Help is in need to restore faith in humanity.

'Reach your hands to the stars, but keep your feet on the ground' - Wise words from singer, Shakira.

Xx Az~

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Music2Share; Concrete Wall - Zee Avi

- Boom shiclack clack, boom shiclack, boom shiclack clack, boom shiclack-
goes an acapella 'beatboxing' by Zee Avi as the opening of this song... And well, throughout the whole track actually.

'Concrete Wall' is an original by Malaysian born, LA based singer, Zee Avi!
Telling the story of a turmoil relationship, 'Concrete Wall' is simplicity at its best. Accompanied by Zee's hypnotic voice, its a slow and soothing song that needed nothing more to make it an ear candy.

Concrete Wall is one of the tracks from Zee Avi's 'Ghostbird' album and, its an album i'd recommend you to grab in times you need to lay back at home or in your car to lower down your pulse rate and be in a state of musical calmness.
Cant believe i've waited this long to get Ghostbird myself. Outdated me ':D

To add in the awesome-factor to this track, it was also featured in one of the episodes of Gossip Girls! Malaysia bolehhhhh ~ Xx Az

*here's the link to the official music video for Concrete Wall!
Njoyyy (if link fails, YOUTUBE it)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Overdue Hello & 28k Readers!

Good day blogger world! It's been over a year since i last updated my blog! My oh my....

I was both pleased and surprise to find that although That's Life was left abandoned by me since 2011, ive had more than 28,000 readers to date!
And as for that, this has been very motivating for me to continue blogging. I guess just knowing that what I post has been taken noticed by people from all over the world comforts me. (Then again, who wouldn't? ). But of course with positivity, comes negativity.  The ying and yang of the universe. Only 30+ subscribers (boohooo). But who's to blame if not me myself for leaving my blog out in the dark for the past year, right?

I hope the year has been kind to everyone so far.
I promise to ya'll that I'll do my best to keep this bloggy of mine up to date.
After all, a bold little birdie told me I should continue writing *wink

C ya! Xx Az~ ♡

Friday, February 15, 2013

No wishes made on this 'shooting star'

I was browsing through Twitter yesterday when an interesting retweeted tweet caught my attention. A meteor, crashed to earth near the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia! Now, the reason i say "crash to earth" is to make myself clear that the meteor ACTUALLY had an impact to the ground below it. Most meteor showers results in nothingness as the meteor will usually burn itself into micro-size pieces BEFORE it hits the ground. Unfortunately in this case, the size of the recent meteor outlarge the size needed for it turn to space dust as it enters the earth's atmosphere!About 1000 people were reportedly hurt by the blast and shockwave the meteor produced as it crashes into a nearby lake! A 1000 people! That's not to be taken lightly! Several buildings were effected by the blast (broken windows and such). What worries me is the fact that, in these modern era where meteors and asteroids are 'supposedly' being closely monitored by Nasa and others space-related institutes, no warning whatsoever of such event was sent out! Like seriously?? Yes, this meteor poses no threat to the entire human race BUT....BUT....still, 1000 people (or even more if you count those who didnt lodge report to the authorities) found themselves injured by flying glasses among other objects as windows on buildings broke into pieces by the strong shockwave. In my previous post i have highlighted the increasing amount of sighted oversized falling space rocks and the potential danger it pose, and here it is now a headliner in the world news.THANKFULLY though, no deaths were caused by this unexpected event. But i suppose its 'accidents' like these that reminds us of the higher power in control of the complexity of mother nature and all that lies below...and above it.In the words of Ellie Goulding, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. Xx AZ~