Monday, August 9, 2010

Bali oh Bali....

Wazzup guys!
time for some personal wrap on my Bali trip last weekend.

oh man, was a really great holiday. Loads of fun with little of sleep.
my poor eyes.

Anyway, our adventure began on the th of August 2010. The 7 of us (me, my brother, 2 of my cousins and 3 of my friends) took the 9am Flight out of KL on Airasia. I only managed to get an hour of sleep the night before due to 'excitmentness' :p

So already i've lost 7 hours of my sleep and the 3 hour flight didn't help either. But thats just because i guess im not really a 'flying sleeper'.
We arrived in Bali around 1pm and left for our hotel in Denpasar called...(are you ready?...)....Hotel Taman Suci on Jalan Imam!!!
holy moly. ;D

So it wasn't one of our planned hotel to stay in during the trip. This was due to the failed bookings on another hotel we planned on staying in instead.

Our first 3 hours on the island already proved to promise us a very crazy holiday. Booze was our first local friend and sober was unheard of.

We then travelled to Kuta to have a taste of the local scenes. We even lost our way and walked an hour around town only to find ourselves back on the same street. we had a really good laugh there.
By the time we were back to our hotel, i was sloshed and went to zzz at 1am.

On the second day we moved to Bakongsari Hotel.
Our personal favourite :)

We ddint waste much time in our rooms and quickly made our way to the amazing beach!
wow wow wow.
The sand, the sea, the waves, and my oh my the eye candies!!!
it was beautiful in every way possible. hehehe. beautiful~
I think the only thing that spoiled the environment there was us. lol
some of us had a dip in the sea, some of us decided to get a temporary tattoo. Me, well im just there to get burned and stare at all the passing 'goodies' and just...drool.
Surfing and kite flying are 2 of the main activities there.

i felt like i was watching a coca-cola Ad here. ;p

Throughout our 4 days visit, we managed to do some interesting activities on the island.
River rafting was one of them! THAT was a lotta fun!
the 2 hour rollercoaster ride got us all wet and thrilled out of our heads.

I didnt manage to take a lot of photos on my Blackberry. It was simply too expensive for me to make calls or even use my bb internet service there. So im sorry for that.

After the rafting trip, we were brought to a beautiful temple situated on a cliff overlooking the breathtaking ocean, giving us the most spectacular view i've seen!
it was just...WOW!!!

(i took this picture personally..heheehh)

And there, we witness the kecak fire dance which tells the story of a princess, giants, white monkey and a sneaky king who wants to kidnap the princess.
The dance was so mesmerizing till we forgotten to look at the sunset as well and when we realize it, its already dark.

We had dinner on the beach after...all good :)

That night, i managed to experiance the local night life....we went to 4 clubs. One of them > Facebar. no..not facebook..facebar.
And unlike Malaysia, here, they have after party clubs. So at 4am, we left to a club called 66. Whats unique here?...BUNGEE JUMPING!
All 6 of us took the leap of trust. All except me that is. After a really painfull and terrifying experiance on a bungee ball, i was just not willing to take the risk on bungee jumping that night.

The first 2 days in Bali was a slow one..but the next 2 days just flew by us with the speed of a falcon!
On our last night there, 3 of us (me, my brother and a friend) went on to party up and get trashed in Facebar again. Here, i was extra friendly and made lots and LOTS of friends! hahahaa....i miss them already :(
For our after party, we headed to a club jus 10 minuets away from our Hotel...DEE JAY CLUB! One of the best clubs i've been to!!!!!!
The music was FANTASTIC, the lights was sparkling brilliant and the podium was a concert-standard stage!
we partied on till 8am and woke up later at 10am to get our stuff packed.

The 4 days was an unforgetable adventure and we cant wait to be back on Bali and meet our local 'friends' there again and go for a bike ride around the crazy streets of Kuta.
Till then, looks like i just gotta get used to being back home again. :(

Thanks Bali for the tiring, painful, thrilling yet FUN experiance.

ps: Happy Birthday Myra*