Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MOVING ON I AM!!!....but to who???

So yes, i did had a very emotional breakdown for the past 6 months and few weeks back i finally met my heartbreaker again at a club (dont ask) and i realized...
i dont love you anymore!

Then it hit me! I am finally able to move on!!

But little did i know that moving on weren't as easy as it used to be.
Every week i go clubbing in search of THE ONE but every week i ended up going home with nothing more than my shadow.

and finally i gotten fed-up of it.
im giving up clubbing in hopes of getting lucky (i dont mean sex here aites).
i understand now how someone can actually grow bored and tired of something at what i thought (at the time) was endless fun.

So here i am writting this down just to let ya'll know that im still single and available for no certain reason...and no..im not promoting myself *wink

I miss the feeling of being IN LOVE (being loved back).
i mean without your 'other half', your just as lonely as u can get even with all the people in the world!

Bitter heart, bitter heart..

Oh well...guess i'll just wait and wait and wait till the time comes :/


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