Thursday, September 29, 2011

Empire Shopping Gallery goes BOOM!!!

I was doing my jog at Bukit Gasing 2 days back when i got an sms from my gym (Fitness First) at Empire saying "Dear members, Fitness First Empire will be closed due to an emergency evacuation by the building....". At first i suspected that we were experiencing another light tremor (Tall buildings always initiate an evacuation whenever slight tremors were felt throughout the country). However, it wasnt till that night itself that i got the news of what actually happened!

Empire Shopping Gallery has been my weekly visit since i joined the gym there. Looking at the damages done by the explosion, i can't believe that i was there just a few days back and how no one saw what will happen to this popular shopping mall.

As of now, it has been reported that the blast was due to some gas leakage from the ground floor. It has been said that the explosion could be heard all the way up to Bangsar! Some 15 minutes away (driving distance).

Gas leakage? Seriously?....Is it THAT easy for a building to just blow up into pieces without signs whatsoever? We are once again reminded the danger of shopping malls.

The explosion happened at 3.45am (Thank God) and fortunately no one was killed in this event, however 4 people suffered minor injuries. Things would have been uglier if it was to happen during business hours!

Could this just be luck? or.....planned?
Now, im no detective nor am i involved in any CSI Organisation but i must's suspicious enough to think that no one actually noticed these leaks and that it had to happen in such odd hours.

Well that's me btw. Adding some spice to my stories just to heat things up and give ya'll some time to ponder your head about.

Now, here i am at home on my weekend when what i had originally planned was to head down to this mall and work this junk in the trunk out! hmmmm -_- are some pix on the blast >

Ouh and PS; For those wondering what happened to those poor animals in the petstore on the Lower Ground floor, no worries..they were all rescued and well alive! YAY