Friday, November 27, 2009

Recent meteor sighting a WAKE UP CALL!!!

If you guys havent been youtubing lately then you might not have seen the clip of the meteor sighting in South Africa on 21 Nov.

It was ALMOST like a scene from the movies minus the devastating doomsday effect.

And i've been thinking, imagine if the meteor would have caused the same effect as shown in the movies...massive tidal wave, world wide shockwave, or simply causing the earth to just explode! Were we ready??

It was 7 days ago (from the day this blog was written) and we could all be facing judgement day right now. Can we accept our fate in the afterlife?

Anyway, back to the meteor story,thankfully no damage has been done and the meteor has still not been recovered till today. The SA government has ordered whoever who has found it to return it to the police as they claim that the rock 'belongs' to the government EVEN if it landed on someone's backyard!

here's a link to the video captured on a cctv in South Africa:

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