Sunday, February 22, 2015

An exciting MUSICAL beginning to come

Howdie y'all!
First and foremost, happy 2015!
Hope it's been a good start for all of you. As for me, it's only February and already things has been rather bumpy. But hey, there's a silver lining for everything right? Hopefully.

I've had a lot of time in my hands lately and I finally made it to good use.

Just over two weeks ago, whilst I was bored out of my (already) insane mind, I've decided to pick the guitar up and start plucking whatever I can pluck just to see if I could actually make my own song. Once I got the melody going, here comes the pen and paper, yada yada yada...TADAAA! My first ever song is DONE. Posted it up on YouTube and shared it on my Facebook page what to my pleasant surprise, people loved it. Loved it so much that its in actual production! That's first song I've ever written will soon be in the airwaves. So excite!

It's a Malay song, about how I feel like I've lost everything when I lost  that onep person (no one in particular!), and it's called 'Hilang Segalanya'.

Recording has been completed now all there is to do is the audio mixing and mastering. Once that's checked, I'll definitely share it here on That's Life aites! Tak sabar siot...... 😁

Peace out!