Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barry's 'gemilang' party!

My Karaoke buddy Barry or 'barrel barry' (a name to irritate him) turned 29 with a fantastic 'room party'!
Held at Crown Regency in KL, Barry kicked off the party at around 9pm with a liquor extravaganza! It was a night meant to get

We (my cousin, brother and i) arrived at roughly around 9:30pm from WIP Bangsar and the first thing i saw was people getting tipsy.
The setting was just brilliant. Disco balls, colourfull disco lights, flashing 'paparazzi lights' and loud music...all in a hotel room. what more can u ask?

By 11pm the room was packed with Barry's drunk friends getting it down on the 'dancefloor' while DJ Karan played his well list of remixes. Then mr Nadjmi just had to spill water on his lappy and from there, things got crappy..hahahhaha but we were still having fun anyways.

Then, the big surprise came knocking on the door roughly at around 1pm!
guess who???

our malaysian idol....JACLYN VICTOR!!!!

hahahaha....we chatted a bit and she sang her powerful rendition of 'happy birthday' and me and her got to sing 'Halo' together (which we didnt finish it up cuz we sang the wrong note).

Also present was our old friend Riz who made it big in AF [akademi fantasia].

check out the was a whole lotta fun!

PS: i dont drink and yes this was in a hotel

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  1. Hahaha! You blogged about me party? So sweet. :D TO think that even I didn't sing with her. Urgh.