Thursday, January 14, 2010

officially LEGAL!

Thats talking about my age here!
wohoooo...age 21.
now i can finally go clubbing without the worries :D

Not much has happened in between new years eve till still heartbroken, fat and desperate...pethetic.

But if its one thing im thankful for in this world, its gotta be my FRIENDS
On the strike of 12 am, 11 January 2010, i recieved a phone call from one of my close/bestfriend from high school..Ganesh. This really bought a smile to my face...remembering on how much trouble we put ourselves in back in the days...hahaha
Then, 'A' called me soon after....i was confused in emotions..happy but upset. hmmmm
yes, i did expected the call but i never imagined that 'A' didn't say 'i love you' at the end of the call. never..

I slept it off soon but early in the morning i got a surprise phone call from Aunty Maggie wishing me a happy bitrhday! Aunty Maggie is Jaclyn Victor's mom and i felt so touched and happy till i felt cheerfull throughout the day. THANK YOU AUNTY MAGGIE :)))

The sms-es and phone calls continued the whole day and thanked God that i was blessed with friends who cared. So, THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!

A very sweet friend of mine, Bie, even wrote a blog about our friendship to wish me a happy birthday too!
WOW...i was (and still am) really touched by this.
Bie (or 'baby, is what i call him) is one of my bestfriends from ASWARA bout 3 years back.
And all i can say about this friend of mine is that he's one in a million who actually appreciates friends!..and he SHOWS it.
A very valuable lesson to me as well.

FUCK LOVE and all that bullshit....friends and family is all that we need in this life and remember that, people!

anyway, im 21 now and im gonna try to love life more.