Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ben's Brother is stalemate no more with Anastacia

For all these years there have existed a band from England called Ben's Brother. But no one has actually acknowledged their present till....NOW!

Thanks to pop superstar Anastacia, Bens's Brother is finally coming into the spotlight with their new single~ 'Stalemate'.

'Stalemate' is a song originally written for a duet with another star, Joss Stone. However, due to certain circumstances, Joss' recording label had denied the song to be release as her single (although the song is still in her album). Anastacia came to the rescue by lending out her fiesty vocals as a favoure to both Joss and Ben's Brother.

I've listened to both versions and i must say that the two are actually very different when it comes to feel and emotion...
Anastacia's version is hard-edge and somewhat rock-ish that gives the listener's a strong point to the song while Joss' version is more settle and emotionally saddened which gives the listeners a more i-wanna-cry feel to it. Its all in the vocals!

Either way, this song has potential to be a hit in radio stations and its the kind of exposure that both Anastacia and Ben's brother need.

as my final say, 'Stalemate' is one of my fav tunes im listening to at the moment :)

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