Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bangsar the junkyard

I remembered about more than 5 years ago that the name 'Bangsar' represents a place for the cool, hip and happening crowd.
It was THE place for people to club, dine, hook-up or to just lepak and even held parades!!
Everything about Bangsar back then was just 'prestige' and 'glamorous' (well more or less).
yes yes yes...it was once the Bukit Changkat of KL.

Now however it has taken the turn for the low...
Slowly by the years i've noticed[ not only me, im sure] that this once happening place is turning into a dead town of boredom!

You hardly even hear people say "im going to bangsar to get wasted" or " hey, lets go pub crawling at Bangsar!" anymore.
Now all you get to hear is "im gonna do my hair in Bangsar" or "i gotta go to the money changer in Bangsar" or even " Whats there to do at Bangsar??"...
Its official that Bangsar is now the junkyard of KL and it's soon to be a place for stop overs. Its just DULL..zzz

Ok...so whatever happened to Bangsar??
Well im not being racist here but these are the excuses that everyone [and by everyone i mean a LARGE number of people..LARGE] has been telling me > More and more drunk indians are taking over the place. Drunk+indians=violence

Yeap..its sortta true i think.
Since more and more indian-crowd-puller clubs opened around the area {MIST was the most recent and largest} , Bangsar has become a very unsafe place to hang around no more. More and more criminal activities are being reported there by the months.
everything from being robbed to 'ragut' to even murders!

Its really sad to think that this once golden town is now losing its sparkle and values.

I basicly grew up in Bangsar and to see it change for the worst is sortta hurtful.

But fingers crossed in the hope that what goes down, sometimes goes up as well <3


  1. There is hope yet luv. BSC has some very nice places to hang now. :D