Monday, November 30, 2009


Well well well's something on my personal life >

could it be? maybe ;)

Honestly, i wasnt even into this person 'A'. We met at a friend's birthday party back in July (but we hardly even talked, infact, i didnt even noticed 'A'), then we stumbled again through the internet and we started chatting.
And no i didnt play it cheap!
Rejection was my game but still, 'A' never gave up and kept on trying till i literally said F*** OFF!
And thats what 'A' did :P

But then about 2 weeks ago, we bumped into each other again, this time in a club and 'A' said hi and i said hi as well. Nothing more than that.
Then as i left the club, 'A' came chasing after me and asked for my number...which after all the effort, i decided what the heck.

And from that moment on, 'A' kept sms-ing me and even asked me out which i said yes to (a big relief to 'A'...attt lassssttt..hahaha )

and till now (the day i wrote this blog) we've been out on 4 dates and i must say that it was no mistake at all. Loving everything 'A' is doing for me and i feel sooo appreciated.

So thank you cupid for aiming that arrow my way.

ps: nothing official yet and im still in a 50/50 state.

In the words of my pop idol Anastacia- to my future lover, fate will find you cuz you have the power of truth behind u


Friday, November 27, 2009

Pisau Cukur Review

First of all this is just my opinion k ;)

So...Pisau Cukur..


Honestly, i am not really a BIG Malay movie fan...i've only watched those that are recommended to me.

Pisau Cukur (gold diggers) is a story about these 2 money-minded friends who are on a hunt for the wealthy on a cruise ship. There, drama about love and crime took place and its up to one to find a husband and the other to solve the crime...hahhahah

So i must say, it was a twist i didnt expect..thought its all about love and all.

The movie's story line is simple and quick...meaning the viewers are not dragged on a long and boring or complicated scene here so there's not attention needed through out the whole movie.

The jokes told are OK.

some are new and funny, others are old and boring (not boring really but more like giving u a smile instead of a big LOL).

As for the script writing here, its not bad as well...simple, fun, exciting and predictable as well.

What about the casts??..Not bad either. Maya Karin and Fazura got the leading role and the handsome Aaron Aziz plays a detective. HAWWWTTT!!! ;P

All in all, Pisau Cukur is a movie meant for those who wants to sit back, chill and laugh after a long day at work.

Not much thinking required.

Recent meteor sighting a WAKE UP CALL!!!

If you guys havent been youtubing lately then you might not have seen the clip of the meteor sighting in South Africa on 21 Nov.

It was ALMOST like a scene from the movies minus the devastating doomsday effect.

And i've been thinking, imagine if the meteor would have caused the same effect as shown in the movies...massive tidal wave, world wide shockwave, or simply causing the earth to just explode! Were we ready??

It was 7 days ago (from the day this blog was written) and we could all be facing judgement day right now. Can we accept our fate in the afterlife?

Anyway, back to the meteor story,thankfully no damage has been done and the meteor has still not been recovered till today. The SA government has ordered whoever who has found it to return it to the police as they claim that the rock 'belongs' to the government EVEN if it landed on someone's backyard!

here's a link to the video captured on a cctv in South Africa:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barry's 'gemilang' party!

My Karaoke buddy Barry or 'barrel barry' (a name to irritate him) turned 29 with a fantastic 'room party'!
Held at Crown Regency in KL, Barry kicked off the party at around 9pm with a liquor extravaganza! It was a night meant to get

We (my cousin, brother and i) arrived at roughly around 9:30pm from WIP Bangsar and the first thing i saw was people getting tipsy.
The setting was just brilliant. Disco balls, colourfull disco lights, flashing 'paparazzi lights' and loud music...all in a hotel room. what more can u ask?

By 11pm the room was packed with Barry's drunk friends getting it down on the 'dancefloor' while DJ Karan played his well list of remixes. Then mr Nadjmi just had to spill water on his lappy and from there, things got crappy..hahahhaha but we were still having fun anyways.

Then, the big surprise came knocking on the door roughly at around 1pm!
guess who???

our malaysian idol....JACLYN VICTOR!!!!

hahahaha....we chatted a bit and she sang her powerful rendition of 'happy birthday' and me and her got to sing 'Halo' together (which we didnt finish it up cuz we sang the wrong note).

Also present was our old friend Riz who made it big in AF [akademi fantasia].

check out the was a whole lotta fun!

PS: i dont drink and yes this was in a hotel

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1, 2, 3...ZzZzZz

Ok....what do u think about Britney's 3 video?

well here's my opinion:

There's no denying that for a mother of 2 and after all the drama, Ms Spears is HOt HOT HOT!!!! But thats ALL there is in the video!

I mean there is nothing else to watch in the vid other then her body (which probly was her target).

Everything was in black and white, there wasn't much dance moves and the rest was spontaneous and boring.

What they could have done was to atleast add in more colours and lights to make it LESS dull.

And the song clearly is about a threesome so they could have stick it to being 3. There were more then 3 dancers in a scene which to me, was irrelevant to the song at all.

But none the less Britney was clearly showing off her hot bod and sexiness was all what the video is about (which is a good thing).

But still, a lot more could have been done to make it fun, sexy and interesting....

But no matter how dull it was, it's still soooo much better than the pointless "Radar" video..LOL

Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes thats right...the men himself will be here on the 7th of January 2010 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!!!

So those R&B lovers better start saving and go get your tickets ASAP!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Public transport- the inconvenient truth

No i haven't gotten my license YET so the one way for me to get around KL is by public transport.
and let me just say this...IT"S BULLCRAP!

I thought public transports are suppose to be a convenient to the public, but we (all those public transport dwellers) were proven other wise....

Let me start of with TIMING.
Yes us Malaysian's are known for having a different time zone for each person but for the bloody busses to sometimes be up to an hour late??? it's ridiculous!!!
There are more than 3 busses for every route and the city aint that big talking about Kuala Lumpur here, you can drive from one end of the city to the other within 40 minuets.
Sometimes i just wonder what the drivers are doing during their breaks?...having an orgy most likely.
But ok thats fine, traffic could be the cause (yeeeaaaahhhh riteeeee),
but how about the bloody train????...KTM. Now THIS is frustrating. For heaven sake, it's a train that goes around the city (talking about the Shah Alam route).
Imagine waiting at the depressing station for more than an hour......bring your own rope people! u may want to hang yourselves.

Then comes the RUDE DRIVERS.
Im talking about everything from the way they speak to the way they freaking drive!
And yes i really mean freakinglishly-driving. Going on a bus or a taxi here in Malaysia is like a rollercoaster ride at Disneyland! (and who says we dont have one!)
Seriously, It's like all taxi drivers were trained to drive wrecklessly for them to have a license.
This one goes for busses as well....we do live in a dangerous city..hmhmhm

CLEANLINESS is an issue i dont even have to talk about..we all know the problem here

I mean seriously...what are the government doing with them?
They need to keep a close eye on our public transport cuz it's a nations shame when the tourists comes over.

tsk tsk tsk

My covers on YOUTUBE

Hey people..
Just wanna let ya'll know (and promote myself) that i have my own covers posted on youtube. Over 100 videos in fact.

Yes..i have dreams of being a singer and the closest i can get into connecting my musical side to the world is by the trustworthy youtube :D

so i hope you guys would consider into cheking them out aites!

My youtube account: Muhdatif

here's one of my latest vid's link >

Thanks ya'll

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If there's one thing im looking forward to watching on youtube, it's most deffinately videos from 'Communitychannel'!!!

'Communtychannel' is a series of video blogs by Natalie Tran mostly about....everyday life.
I know there's been hundreds of these blogs on youtube and most of them are just over-the-top people who makes no sense or just boring down right people who tries to be over-the-top, but Natalie however keeps it cool, funny and [most importantly] REAL!

She talks about everyday events in life by acting out roles in which most of the times, she plays herself and herself as someone else.

She has hundreds of videos and every one of them has reached more than 20,000 views minimum.
Natalie is also a doll to watch because she loves to interact with her viewers/fans by asking questions and having challenges all in which they will interact back by posting a video response. And at the end of every one of her videos, there's an ending credit of funny comments in which she herself picks, called 'porno music-/-comment time'..LOL
This segment is somewhat a honor lottery competitions as her fans/viewers actually tries to put in funny or pointless comments on her vids just to make it in...some even begs!

She's a very well known house-hold name on youtube and people actually asks for her photos (in whish they will email it back to her and she'll post that along the way in her videos) if you ever get the chance to bumb into her.
Natalie lives in Australia.

She even have a few fan-based pages on Facebook...that's an official indication of celebrity status.

She also has a randomly awkward obsessions for mums. as in mothers.
hence her tagline > YOUR MUM RATES ME
hahahha gotta love her <3

She's a youtube celebrity who keeps it real..way to go Nat


Bangsar the junkyard

I remembered about more than 5 years ago that the name 'Bangsar' represents a place for the cool, hip and happening crowd.
It was THE place for people to club, dine, hook-up or to just lepak and even held parades!!
Everything about Bangsar back then was just 'prestige' and 'glamorous' (well more or less).
yes yes was once the Bukit Changkat of KL.

Now however it has taken the turn for the low...
Slowly by the years i've noticed[ not only me, im sure] that this once happening place is turning into a dead town of boredom!

You hardly even hear people say "im going to bangsar to get wasted" or " hey, lets go pub crawling at Bangsar!" anymore.
Now all you get to hear is "im gonna do my hair in Bangsar" or "i gotta go to the money changer in Bangsar" or even " Whats there to do at Bangsar??"...
Its official that Bangsar is now the junkyard of KL and it's soon to be a place for stop overs. Its just DULL..zzz whatever happened to Bangsar??
Well im not being racist here but these are the excuses that everyone [and by everyone i mean a LARGE number of people..LARGE] has been telling me > More and more drunk indians are taking over the place. Drunk+indians=violence

Yeap..its sortta true i think.
Since more and more indian-crowd-puller clubs opened around the area {MIST was the most recent and largest} , Bangsar has become a very unsafe place to hang around no more. More and more criminal activities are being reported there by the months.
everything from being robbed to 'ragut' to even murders!

Its really sad to think that this once golden town is now losing its sparkle and values.

I basicly grew up in Bangsar and to see it change for the worst is sortta hurtful.

But fingers crossed in the hope that what goes down, sometimes goes up as well <3

MOVING ON I AM!!!....but to who???

So yes, i did had a very emotional breakdown for the past 6 months and few weeks back i finally met my heartbreaker again at a club (dont ask) and i realized...
i dont love you anymore!

Then it hit me! I am finally able to move on!!

But little did i know that moving on weren't as easy as it used to be.
Every week i go clubbing in search of THE ONE but every week i ended up going home with nothing more than my shadow.

and finally i gotten fed-up of it.
im giving up clubbing in hopes of getting lucky (i dont mean sex here aites).
i understand now how someone can actually grow bored and tired of something at what i thought (at the time) was endless fun.

So here i am writting this down just to let ya'll know that im still single and available for no certain reason...and not promoting myself *wink

I miss the feeling of being IN LOVE (being loved back).
i mean without your 'other half', your just as lonely as u can get even with all the people in the world!

Bitter heart, bitter heart..

Oh well...guess i'll just wait and wait and wait till the time comes :/


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life is full of mystery and meanings...Religion and sins

I just got back from a long karaoke session at Imbi with my friends and then we headed for dinner and had a lepaking session at some padang at Tmn Tun and there, i heard the most beautiful and meaningful discussion of life and religion from a FREINDS POINT OF VIEW (note that).

At first we were just recalling the times that we had in the past and then we moved on to astronomy, horoscopes and how the moon landing is a hoax but other life forms exists out there...slowly religion and life came into the topic.

My friend, Aaron,a Christian who have a basic understanding of Islam (he reads both the bible and the Koran) belives that both Christianity and Islam are very similiar and beautiful , then he talks about how people nowadays have a very hypocrisis way of thinking (something i have long agreed on). Its true that what you do on earth in the end is between you and God. No one but God himself has the right to pick your fate in the afterlife. "everything you do is a sin" is what Aaron told us. Which is true! Sins comes from a long range of wrong doings be it small or big but the common view of what the present day community is seeing today is that being gay (full stop).

What ever happened to the simple sins of backstabbing, gossiping, lying, cursing, and just hurting other people's feeling?..have they been erased in the holy books? or is it no longer a wrongful doing just because this is what straight and religious people do as well?
It seems like the rules of deeds and sins have changed on a very biased platform.
its simple..your gay, you'll go to hell. Your straight, you'll go to heaven.
Sure it is written in both the Koran and bible that being gay is a sin but that doesn't mean all gay people are guaranteed a place in hell!
If a prostitute who has never once prayed was given a place in heaven just becuz she sacrificed a bowl of water to a dog (a story told in both holy books as well), then who are we to point out one's fate in the next life?? I agree with him when he said that the biggest sin (in his point of view) is to intentionally hurt someone else's feelings.
These are just the few things we talked about religion...God is great and everthing that happens, happened for a reason..some we know, others are kept hidden from our knowledge as part of life's mystery.

Then soon its time for us to head home and on the way, Lina taught me that life travels on with God's guidance and teachings. Lately i've been living everyday of my life with the thought that things happens blindly and life is just a story that you yourself create without the help from 'the big man' up there. Dont get me wrong,i belive in God but i've never really acknowledged his presents till now. God speaks to us everyday, giving us the signs on which path to take, but its up to us to listen to Him or just ignore Him completely and do things blindly. A miracle isn't about having supernatural powers or seeing writings in the clouds..a miracle happens everyday in different ways. Sometimes a miracle happens so often that it is easy for us to say "its coincidence". sad.....

Life is beautiful and it revolves around one's self and God. And with the lessons i've learned from my good friends in just one day, i promised to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and God is great...

~thats life~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here Comes The GIRLS!

What do u get when you put 3 loud and proud divas on tour?

FUN FUN FUN!!!!...

Anastacia, Chaka Khan and Lulu has joined forces together for an upcoming concert tour in Europe. The three will be kicking off the show sometime around this month and will be ending it end of next month.

Now, there's only one thing i can only expect from these girls which is loud fun. Too bad however that they aint coming around here in Asia but lets just cross our fingers that they would consider it ;)

But for the meanwhile, we only have to wait till it actually starts off to know what its really gonna be like. More updates on this soon.


Ben's Brother is stalemate no more with Anastacia

For all these years there have existed a band from England called Ben's Brother. But no one has actually acknowledged their present till....NOW!

Thanks to pop superstar Anastacia, Bens's Brother is finally coming into the spotlight with their new single~ 'Stalemate'.

'Stalemate' is a song originally written for a duet with another star, Joss Stone. However, due to certain circumstances, Joss' recording label had denied the song to be release as her single (although the song is still in her album). Anastacia came to the rescue by lending out her fiesty vocals as a favoure to both Joss and Ben's Brother.

I've listened to both versions and i must say that the two are actually very different when it comes to feel and emotion...
Anastacia's version is hard-edge and somewhat rock-ish that gives the listener's a strong point to the song while Joss' version is more settle and emotionally saddened which gives the listeners a more i-wanna-cry feel to it. Its all in the vocals!

Either way, this song has potential to be a hit in radio stations and its the kind of exposure that both Anastacia and Ben's brother need.

as my final say, 'Stalemate' is one of my fav tunes im listening to at the moment :)


Have you ever heard either Beyonce's 'Halo' or Kelly Clarkson's "Already gone' and wondered if they sounded alike?...

Well in this case, the beat of both songs are so alike that Kelly Clarkson actually refuses to release her (now a hit) song after listening to Halo!

That however was not entirely up to her and before she could do anything more, the recording company already released it.

here is a link of Beyonce's Halo insrtumental mixed up with Kelly's Already gone (vocals)>

Well either way i love both of the songs and to me they mean the total opposite (Halo is more towards love while Already Gone is more of a break up song)

In the end it looks like Kelly had the last laugh anyway ;)

a new beginning..

im a first-timer at this so i'll do my best to keep it creative (or) informative (or) fun....i dunno...we'll see ;)