Friday, December 11, 2009

'A' keeper!

Hey there guys...
been a while, i know. But thats only becuz i've been too occupied on embrasing the blessing that cupid has gifted to me :)

If you've read my previous blog then you'd understand..hehehe


'A'...i just LOVE 'A' !!!! Seriously!
'A' has been nothing but a sweet dream with beautiful surprises. Everything 'A' has done for me is just sweet and thoughtful.
Its been almost 3 weeks now and we are growing stronger and deeper in love.

I have to admit that im not really the kindest boy on earth or neither am i everyone's cup of tea but 'A' has proven to me that in everyone's life, there comes a soul so true and honest in loving one's self <3

'A' has sacrificed a lot for me...time, money and patience!
I am a bitch and everything in between, but still, with every passing day, 'A' manages to cope through the unexpecting-atif-pms-storm with full determination, love, and strenght with a smile on 'A''s face on every ending day ....beautiful indeed!
i guess thats just my way of expressing love...torture=love..hmmmm

Just yesterday, 'A' surprised me with a bracelet that spells out my name!( although the guy who sold it spelled out my name as 'AFIT' instead of "ATIF' but 'A' managed to fix that problem infront of me)

Im just sooooooooo grateful on meeting someone so true with love and i wont take this for granted like what i used to do on my past lovers.

Everytime i learn something new about 'A', i fall deeper in love and all i can say now is i love you i love you i love you I LOVE YOU!!!!


That said, 'A' scored an A+ on my charts ;)

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