Wednesday, December 30, 2009

here comes 2010, there goes my 'A'...

Remember 'A'?
Well....'A' has made it clear to me that responsibility and work commitment has taken the best of 'A'.
That left me dumped for the new years...what a way to go..tsk tsk.
Really la, now im finally proud to admit that LOVE scares the shit out of me!
i had all my dreams, hopes and future between us and then within a day...all wasted.
im deeply hurt and saddened that 'A' gave up that easy while here i am still holding on to hopes that somehow with some miracle, it's gonna be worth it in the end..please please oh please.
till then, these tears has made my cheeks salty and this nose of mine has turned into rudolf's.

With the passing of an old year and the coming of a new one, may 2010 be the start of something more beautiful in life for me.

fingers crossed and happy new year ya'll!

Monday, December 28, 2009

i am an addict....for VEGEMITE!!!

Yes yes...It's true people!
i may be Malaysian by nationality but im Australian when it comes to taste..hahaha

The first time i tasted this 'misunderstood spread' i was shocked to the taste buds as extremely as possible but after a few more spreads on toasts, i finally had fallen deeply in love with this wonders-in-a-jar <3

What is vegemite you may ask?....
well, Vegemite is actually yeast extract from the brewers!
Thats right. And i dont even

What does it taste like?
Salty salty salty with a bit of a beefy and bitter taste.
Doesn't really sounds delicious eh....But once your used to it, trust me, heaven it is :p~

Give it a go and take your time finishing up the whole jar (by weeks, months or even years) and we'll see if you'll change your view on Vegemite based on the first time.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

"2day the world lost part of its sunlight" is what Ashton Kutcher said on Twitter and i have to agree.

Brittany Murphy is a stunning actress with a bubbly personality and she's one of my favourites as well.
It came as a shock to me when i learned about her sudden death on the 20th December of 2009.

Brittany died of a cardiac arrest in her bathroom (the same day my granddad suffered the same attack but thankfully survived) and was pronounced dead at 10.04 am (LA time).

She will be deeply missed and will be celebrated as one of the best A-list actresses around..

rest in peace

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jaclyn Victor's Fan Gathering



Restaurant Artista, Tropicana mall.

Jaclyn Victor managed to organize a simple yet fun high-tea gathering that day and she had a surprised for me as well!!!

a few weeks back, we met at a fren's b'day bash and we sang a duet of halo together..this time it happened again.

I was just enjoying my meal when Jac called out for me and Sunni (birthday boy) to come up stage and sing an acapella version of halo together. HAHAHHA...let me remind u that it was not planned!
Sunni over exegerate the song and that leads me and Jac to 'lostville'

Then we sang gemilang together.

It was not much of an activity but the whole point of the gathering is to..well,...gather! kan kan kan..haha
but I got more than anyone else did though ;p

There were roughly about 50 fans there and it was just nice :)
She even had a surprise birthday cake to sweet.

PS: Jac and Zalekha organized the event a day before, so kudos to the girls!

Friday, December 11, 2009

'A' keeper!

Hey there guys...
been a while, i know. But thats only becuz i've been too occupied on embrasing the blessing that cupid has gifted to me :)

If you've read my previous blog then you'd understand..hehehe


'A'...i just LOVE 'A' !!!! Seriously!
'A' has been nothing but a sweet dream with beautiful surprises. Everything 'A' has done for me is just sweet and thoughtful.
Its been almost 3 weeks now and we are growing stronger and deeper in love.

I have to admit that im not really the kindest boy on earth or neither am i everyone's cup of tea but 'A' has proven to me that in everyone's life, there comes a soul so true and honest in loving one's self <3

'A' has sacrificed a lot for me...time, money and patience!
I am a bitch and everything in between, but still, with every passing day, 'A' manages to cope through the unexpecting-atif-pms-storm with full determination, love, and strenght with a smile on 'A''s face on every ending day ....beautiful indeed!
i guess thats just my way of expressing love...torture=love..hmmmm

Just yesterday, 'A' surprised me with a bracelet that spells out my name!( although the guy who sold it spelled out my name as 'AFIT' instead of "ATIF' but 'A' managed to fix that problem infront of me)

Im just sooooooooo grateful on meeting someone so true with love and i wont take this for granted like what i used to do on my past lovers.

Everytime i learn something new about 'A', i fall deeper in love and all i can say now is i love you i love you i love you I LOVE YOU!!!!


That said, 'A' scored an A+ on my charts ;)