Monday, January 1, 2018

First Day Of 2018 And I Need To Diet

I had that dream again after so long...
The one that scenes out of me chasing from one lover after another. Only difference is, this time i wake up with something real next to me. So blessed that be.

Meanwhile, its been gloomy the whole 1st day of January 2018. Now in the evening as I write this down, light rain sets upon the city and nothing is better than to laze on my couch, (finally) watching Jane The Virgin, and stuffing my face with garlic bread, bananas, and cereal... don't judge.

That bliss died out quickly though as the first advise i recieved this year is... "You have to diet".
Ouch?? Yeahhhhhh. But truth? Yes too. Oh well.
So i guess it's time to step up to the game and lose some pounds. Plus, looking at my photo is a wake-up call on it's own.

Meanwhile, I wish you the very best this year and hope you're having a beautiful new year too.


Sunday, December 31, 2017

An unpredictable 2017

2017 has been a real rollercoaster ride.
From nothingness, to finally releasing my first single and be given the opportunity to pursue what I really love... MUSIC!

Of course at times I get frustrated when I feel like my journey just halted and I'm lost in stalemate. But then i remembered again of how it FEELS like time is flying but in reality, this ride is just taking off.

I literally joined the music industry in the early stage of 2017...yes, this year itself! With the release of Pulau Hijau on March, I've had my share of thrills and scares. It was fun and im hoping there's more to come!
How can I ask for more when Im still the underdog (or fresh meat) of the Malaysian music industry?
After all, as unpopular I am in the music scene still...who'd knew I'd have my song playing onboard 2 major airlines in the country? Right?

But thinking back of all I've managed to still do without the backing or sponsors of major music labels, I think I'm... goooooood 😎

Thank you for all the blessings bestowed upon me in 2017 and to all my friends, family, (?), I thank you for all the love shown towards me and I hope you will continue to shower me with support 😘

In return, I hope i am able to provide more in return for 2018.


Monday, November 27, 2017

No budget? No problem!

What do you when you're a struggling independent artist with no extra ka-chings in the bank to get your music video done?

You get creative, find the cheapest materials and ask your friends to help out.
That's exactly what I've done and im grateful i have friends whom are willing to jump in the bandwagon.

Just to get you up to date, i have released my first single titled Pulau Hijau. A song i wrote inspired by the beauty of Bali and all it's hidden glory. Digitally published under Sony Music Malaysia, i needed a music video to complete the check-list.

With just RM50, my friends and i have managed to do a one-shot music video. I bought a plain white cloth, coloured rocks and whatever else i can find at home. The video itself too was recorded just with my Samsung Note 5!
That's it...
So if you have the time, do check it out!

Friday, November 20, 2015

'GIVE ME' hits all the right notes!

Greetings blogger world, time for some music update!
Ready for a night out? Wanna get that beat going to warm yourself up in the car or at home as you get dressed for the weekend?

Listen to this!

GIVE ME is the first single from Malaysia's new upcoming jazz-pop princess, USHERA!
Released about 2 months ago, Give Me is definitely a breath of fresh air to the Malaysian music industry. Infused with a mix of pop, jazz and dance influences, GIVE ME is definitely unlike any other (100%) Malaysian-made dance track.
This upbeat song  tells her own failed love story on overcoming heartbreak and moving on.
The song starts off with a classic scenario about meeting someone in a cafe and falling in love but then, took the unexpected turn of being left out in the dark yet ended up with a mighty force of self-motivation and (dare I say) GIRL POWER!

Ushera has been in the underground local music scene for close to 6 years now, performing in music lounges, clubs and a high demand for private events. I speak for thousands when I say that she indeed makes herself noticed whenever she hits the stage. 
Recently nominated for NEWMAN'S Creative Pioneer Awards (music catagory), we are promised for more surprises from this goddess of music in the months to come and her debut single 'Give Me' shouts out that statement loud and clear!

Don't believe me? Check it out yourself...
GIVE ME is now available on iTunes, Google music and the official music video has been released on VEVO and YouTube.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Battle of the sex-es

<a href=""><img title="bangsarsouthdoggystyle.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a>

It's all missionary fun and games in public sex acts, that is of course until you get busted. Unfortunately that's what happened to a couple doing it in their balcony, in broad daylight, in Bnagsar South, KL. Little did they know that someone else was enjoying the view at the time...with a camera in hand.

During the long mating ritual, the cameraman was enjoying being a filmmaker himself, recording the entire session and next he has a 30 minute voyeur porn video. Now, thing has gotten out of hand and the video went viral. And so begin another unnecessary national scandal. Well, hardly, but you get the point. Now not only are the unidentified couple in trouble, but so is the witness himself!

Authorities are now questioning the couple and the cameraman on unintentionally distributing the graphic acts online. Looks like thing are going south in Bangsar South.
As usual, the national debating team (all Malaysian) are unease by the action taken by the police.

Was it wrong for the two lovebirds to hump like bunnies in their own balcony space?
Is it considered public sex even if they were in their own premises?
Should the man recording it be in questioning by the police, although he himself made a report?
Yes, yes and yes.

Let's be realistically fair.
The bunny couple should've known, or at least have the decency to cover themself up and have respect for their neighbouring residents EVEN if they were in a different building altogether.
Imagine explaining to kids should they asked "mommy, why is that man hitting the lady with his pee pee?". It is in broad daylight after all.
So they loved the idea of being caught...and caught they were.
Now, what about the authorities questioning the cameraman? Should he be in trouble too?
Simple, he wouldn't have if he didn't posted it up for the rest of the public to view it. I mean really. It doesn't matter if the couple were risking it and we're technically asking to get caught, it wasn't his call on sharing the indecent act to the nation.

I guess everyone got a piece of pie on their faces now.

<span class="post_sig">AZ</span>

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sinners or saints? : The Bali Nine Executions

<a href=""><img title="hqdefault.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a>

¤ What you are about to read is a controversial topic. If you are easily offended, please move on to a different blog post. Thank you. ¤

The execution of the 8 Bali nine drug smugglers recently has caused uproars and protests especially in Australia. Some even suggested on boycotting Bali altogether. My Facebook wall was overflowing with debates on the execution. Some claim it's a tragedy, a rather hush punishment, that these men died as fallen heroes while others, claim otherwise.

What you're about to read next is totally based on my personal opinion. I represent no one else but me.

In most south east asian countries, drug dealing as, well as drug smuggling, is considered a national offence. In Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and as well as Singapore, to be caught with large amount of dangerous drugs will land you a one way trip to the gallows.
This practice has been approved by the government law for many years.
As a tourist arriving by air, one of the first announcement that is being made in the plane after landing is the mandatory announcement regarding the country's law on trafficking dangerous drugs and that it carries a mandatory death sentenced, if found guilty. Arrving at the airport, warning signs welcomes visitors multiple times before they step out of the terminal. The same with all the rest of the mentioned countries.
People are constantly being reminded of the severity on punishments relating drugs. It's almost like an annoying mosquitoe that buzz into your ear before disappearing, only to return later on.

So a fair amount of warnings were being given out to the public. Ignore these warnings, then face the consequences.
It's simple...if you don't want to be sentenced to death, just DONT DO IT.
The Bali nine men were no exception. In fact, for dozens of years, many others whom were found guilty of such crime has been shot, hung or electrocuted. It is the law. Period.

Were these men heroes or criminals? That is the question. And not a very difficult one either. -again, all I'm writing now is all based on personal opinion. You are free to say I'm wrong and you think otherwise. It's entirely up to you-.
So my verdict on the men...they dies as criminals.
At which point did someone says they were brave heroes?
The world is protesting over the execution of drug dealers. There are many other more worthy causes we can spend the same amount of energy in. Yet, hundreads mourns the death of these men. I'm not saying we musnt mourn for them. Mourning is healthy. Bit to rebel and protest over it is senseless. No denying at the end of the day, smugglers or not, they're still a person with families and friends and a life of their own. But to debate on this matter?? Not even worth it. Besides, at what point were they considered brave? They had no choice. Unless of course you're reflecting their bravery on smuggling in heroin into Bali, well yes. Brave but stupid.

These men were aware of the state they were in even before they got caught. How could they not?
To be involved in the drug ring is a serious manner. Many things needed to be done to prepare one before carrying out their 'tasks'. Precautions were to be taken. Plans needed to be precise and sneakyw enough for them to go under the radar unnoticed. It takes a brains and courage. So yes, I have to make a bold statement here and say that the men weren't stupid. Risks were to be taken, yet unfortunately for them, they lost.

In any country, the government is full of flaws. Corruption too. So before you bring up any other unrelated cases to prove that injustice were served, keep in mind this blog post is only about the Bali nine executions.

Was the execution fair though? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. I believe in second chances. That everyone is entitled to one. But when an offense of this scale being done and you are aware of the charges, then well one should be prepared to face the penalty if found guilty.
Rules are rules, and they apply anywhere in the world. The Bali nine gang, however, choose a place that doesn't tolerate kindly with such heist. That is not the government's problem then. The men played with fire, they got burn.

<a href=""><img title="070919-c1374822-adc7-11e4-bbd4-abce56fe4c9d.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="" /></a>

However, condolences and prayers should be sent out to the families and friends of the men. It's them that suffers most and it's unfair.

So readers from all over the world, JUST STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. It's that easy.

<span class="post_sig">AZ</span>

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Diary of a single Malaysian

I find myself yet again wondering the streets of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur not sure of what my motives are. I had, initially, in mind to just enjoy a cup of coffee at Starbucks but to my dismay, there weren't any singles insight for me to not feel like an outcast.

Which now leads me to there a place in town that's meant for single lonely people like me? A place where it's not socially awkward for me to just take a sit alone...either at the bar, or a table. 
A place where other single lonely people could gather and feel less lonely? Not a club or a pub! A daytime place. Cafes, restaurants, bistros, coffee shops. Places like these.

For my foreign readers from different parts of the world, places like these might already exist. But here in Malaysia, it doesn't. Or at least maybe I just haven't found one yet. 
Here in my homeland, a table will automatically come with a set of chairs. Its meant for a group of more than, well, one. If you're by yourself, it's safe to assume you'd be grabbing some food TO GO. It's a social preference. 
I guess they're aren't many Malaysians like me. You know...the kind that wonders aimlessly to find a cozy spot for me to enjoy whatever my order is, just so I can sit and silently play matchmate with myself. Pathetic much? It gets better. I would literally cafe-hop just so I could try out my 'market'. Scouting every Starbucks, mamaks, bistros, just so I'd have a change of view (and people).

Desperate is an understatement. Oh no...I'm beyond that. And I have no shame admitting to it. I guess because its pretty much isn't a secret after all. Trust me, someone (I hardly) know told me that right in my face. But don't worry, we're friends now. Besides, he pretty much was JUST being honest. 
So yeah, I'm here trying to fit into the crowd but only to be rejected by not being seen or noticed at all. Ok, so "at all" is an exaggeration. They see me, some might even turn their heads in an all obvious manner to look at me. But all I can think about is them asking themselves "what's with the lonely bastard? He aint got no friends with him...he's got to be a bastard!". Pardon my language.  
Perhaos, only perhaps, I'm just being judgmental to myself though. What if, if they really...don't give a craps??
Could it be that we make ourselves feel unaccepted to the public for being alone? Why do we do it? Do I have to keep asking these questions knowing no one will answer me? 
Well it's not just for me though. It's for everyone me.

I often think to myself, what if...WHAT future soulmate is doing the exact same thing? That one day we'll exchange glances on our one-seater table, and knew we were meant to meet. This time, as I write that down, I feel the energetic cheers orf many millions single boys and girls, man and women. Yeah right! I'll probably end up with one or two readers on this post. Just self humour. Haha. 
But seriously though, what if....
It's not even a crazy thought. It's a very possible assumption. Of course, there are many other ways we could meet.
Maybe even one of my readers? *did I not say I'm desperate?*

Much thought has been given into love. In fact, it drains the soul out of me. I told myself once, twice, a gazillion times that love doesn't always play a crucial role in life! It's important. Would be nice to be in love, but it's just not much of a priority to be happy. You see, being happy is very subjective. Whomever says money can't buy you happiness, would totally be someone like me. Someone so into the idea of falling in love, that they (we) would go out of our way to make ourselves noticed by that stupid flying pest we call...cupid. 
Unfortunately cupid sees us and yet figured out to whom to point that arrow to next. Stupid cupid.

It worries me. When I'm being told by someone else that they've been living the single's life for years, some even up to 14 years. Here I am...8. 8 freaking MONTHS and I'm already raising the white flag. 
Sure I'm coming to terms with myself not introducing myself as someone else's partner, but still, it would be nice to do so.

These are the times I wish I could call in psychic Tia and asks her about my future. This way, I won't need to even waste my time and money on beverages I'm not even thirsty enough to finish it up.

Ouh well...cest la vie