Friday, November 20, 2015

'GIVE ME' hits all the right notes!

Greetings blogger world, time for some music update!
Ready for a night out? Wanna get that beat going to warm yourself up in the car or at home as you get dressed for the weekend?

Listen to this!

GIVE ME is the first single from Malaysia's new upcoming jazz-pop princess, USHERA!
Released about 2 months ago, Give Me is definitely a breath of fresh air to the Malaysian music industry. Infused with a mix of pop, jazz and dance influences, GIVE ME is definitely unlike any other (100%) Malaysian-made dance track.
This upbeat song  tells her own failed love story on overcoming heartbreak and moving on.
The song starts off with a classic scenario about meeting someone in a cafe and falling in love but then, took the unexpected turn of being left out in the dark yet ended up with a mighty force of self-motivation and (dare I say) GIRL POWER!

Ushera has been in the underground local music scene for close to 6 years now, performing in music lounges, clubs and a high demand for private events. I speak for thousands when I say that she indeed makes herself noticed whenever she hits the stage. 
Recently nominated for NEWMAN'S Creative Pioneer Awards (music catagory), we are promised for more surprises from this goddess of music in the months to come and her debut single 'Give Me' shouts out that statement loud and clear!

Don't believe me? Check it out yourself...
GIVE ME is now available on iTunes, Google music and the official music video has been released on VEVO and YouTube.