Friday, March 21, 2014

The Comeback Of The 'Sprock' Queen! - Stupid Little Things

It's a time for all Anastacia fans to rejoice and celebrate for the queen of sprock (Soul+Pop+Rock) is BACK!...and BETTER!
'Stupid Little Things', her first single from her soon to be released album, 'Resurrection', has finally been revealed on the European airwaves and to much positive reviews.

I strongly believe this track will soon be an international hit just like her other past success like 'Left Outside Alone', 'Im Outta Love' and 'Paid My Dues'.
It's strong,confident and catchy. A recipe for success! This makes us impatient to take a listen to the whole album. JOY!

'Stupid Little Things' tells us a story of insecurity and fretting out love to someone over small matters that we shouldn't even be worrying or troubled about. Again, Queen Ana always comes out with a song relevant to us ALL at some point in our life. And i guess that's what makes me love her from the start.

I wont say much and i'll let ya'll take a listen for yourselves. I aint lying when im saying THIS SONG ROCKS!