Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If there's one thing im looking forward to watching on youtube, it's most deffinately videos from 'Communitychannel'!!!


'Communtychannel' is a series of video blogs by Natalie Tran mostly about....everyday life.
I know there's been hundreds of these blogs on youtube and most of them are just over-the-top people who makes no sense or just boring down right people who tries to be over-the-top, but Natalie however keeps it cool, funny and [most importantly] REAL!

She talks about everyday events in life by acting out roles in which most of the times, she plays herself and herself as someone else.

She has hundreds of videos and every one of them has reached more than 20,000 views minimum.
Natalie is also a doll to watch because she loves to interact with her viewers/fans by asking questions and having challenges all in which they will interact back by posting a video response. And at the end of every one of her videos, there's an ending credit of funny comments in which she herself picks, called 'porno music-/-comment time'..LOL
This segment is somewhat a honor lottery competitions as her fans/viewers actually tries to put in funny or pointless comments on her vids just to make it in...some even begs!

She's a very well known house-hold name on youtube and people actually asks for her photos (in whish they will email it back to her and she'll post that along the way in her videos) if you ever get the chance to bumb into her.
Natalie lives in Australia.

She even have a few fan-based pages on Facebook...that's an official indication of celebrity status.

She also has a randomly awkward obsessions for mums. as in mothers.
hence her tagline > YOUR MUM RATES ME
hahahha gotta love her <3

She's a youtube celebrity who keeps it real..way to go Nat


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