Tuesday, September 28, 2010

understanding TWiTTER

Like Vegemite, some would find it hard to understand and hate it, others would be addicted to 'tweeting' and loving it!

Twitter, as most of you know, is currently one of the top socializing network in the internet to date.
The amount of users on Twitter is double the size of the U.S.A!
seriously @_@

What is Twitter?
Twitter is this simple network which lets users let other users know whats 'on their mind'. Be it random thoughts, announcements, informations or/and even for advertisements use.
You type it out, We read it...and thats that
If however, your 'followers' have anything to ask of you or wants to communicate to you through Twitter, they can do so either by replying to you by typing out the 'at' symbol ( @ ) followed by the user's profile name....or if its more private, sending you a direct message. vice versa.

The fun of twitter comes after you reached your desired number of followers. But to attract/gain followers (aside from friends), you first have to tweet things that of which attracts a stranger's attraction. Be it about entertainment, politics, sports..you name it!
it all depends on who YOU really are.
Some prefer to keep their tweets private. By privatizing your tweets, the public can no longer read your tweets and this will make your twitter account less noticeable. And therefor, Only those who personally knows you or have heard of you through other resources will requesting to be one of your followers.

Twitter is an important form of advertising nowadays. Major companies aren't only activating facebook accounts, but are now promoting their products through twitter.

Yes, the days of Myspace are slowly dying and friendster is long gone.

A word of advise: Be very careful of what you tweet. You'll never know which one of your followers are stalking your every move.
Now i mut admit that personally, i didnt like twitter at first. Never really understand the point of it...But now, i tweet almost everything i think about. Its like a literal version of talking to myself in my head. Only this time, everyone can read it out loud. hahaha.

So if your a new user, and your not having an interest in tweeting, give it some time. Maybe, just maybe, you'd be addicted like us millions out there. And if you dont, there's always the 'deactivate account' button for you.
Either way, use Twitter wisely. It can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

ps: you can follow me on twitter if you like :) > AtifZulkifly

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jaclyn Victor's PiNKTOBER !

The little lady with the power vocal a.k.a Malaysia's first Idol, Jaclyn Victor, will be having her first showcase for the year.

In support of the BREAST CANCER WELFARE ASSOCIATION MALAYSIA, the showcase will be held at the Hard Rock Cafe, KL.

Fans will get a chance to listen to her belt out your favourite songs and even get the chance to great her in person.

Tickets will be sold at RM55 (inclusive of 1 drink)!
Pre-Sale Tickets are Now Available at Hard Rock Cafe

date: 31st OCTOBER 2010
time: 11PM.

You know this is something you dont wanna miss!


Dont judge a book by its cover now!
I AM MUSLIM is the first book i've actually read (and finished it!) in 2 days!!! its a record!

Written by Dina Zaman, I AM MUSLIM is not another self-help book on religion or some sort. But instead, It is the way the author herself sees Islam in her point of view through experiance.
Dina Zaman writes with honesty and realism. Also keeping her literal side on her Malay roots! Yes, this is the book written by a Malaysian for Malaysian.
Ok, maybe thats not entirely true but thats what i feel anyway.

In this book, i've learned the different ways Islam is practiced around the world. And my favourite part of the whole book is that it constantly points out our hypocrisy ways the Malays practices Islam and and the way our government seems to take things a bit too far at times. Which is all true and un-debateable!

A big slap on our faces in deed. But thats only because it is TRUE, hands down.

But apart from face slapping, I AM MUSLIM also points out the true beauty of Islam and its ways. Readers will find themselves learning and understanding the basic principles of the religion along the way.
And all of this is done through story telling.
I remind you, this isn't a self-help book!

The book is non-muslim friendly and therefor, everyone can read and enjoy it.
So i would recommend everyone reading my blog to go get a copy whenever you can and see if you can beat my record! hahahaha.

ENJoY ;)

( Author: Dina Zaman )

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who needs STARBUCKS when we have SETARBAK!


Found this photo on facebook and i think it's hilarious!
This picture was taken in Beranang. Which is probably around Semenyih, Malaysia.
Whats more funny or creepy about this stall, is it's 'neighbour'!...selling gravestones!
Not really convincing anyone to go eh...hahahha
Maybe its for those adventurous types. If anything happens, they have it all plan and ready ;D
~Fear Factor Malaysia~

Anyway...its just for laughs. Enjoy ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love sick...or Sick of love?

(sorry that all i ever talk about is LOVE. But thats what been playing a HUGE role in everyone's life)

Here i am sitting in my room, listening to songs i used to listen 4 years back.
I remember myself well...obese, naive, playful, in love but oh so clueless.
Yes, clueless of what the future has to offer me....a whole lotta BULLSHIT!

So my story dates back in high school. I had a crush, or can i say crushes, none of it worked out. This was most likely due to my two enemies...One called Tripple chin, the other simply Mr Tummy. Yes yes, i did mentioned i was obese!

Back then, i thought BEING in love is exactly like how we see it in the movies. A picture perfect vision.
So i was trying hard to be in love. I've already fallen in love too many times, but i never manage to successfully had an official partner. Meanwhile, everyone else around me was going through their high school love story..or as what we would call it, 'puppy love' moments.
Deep down i was envious, jealous and upset with those lovebirds but yet inside, im just waiting or MY moments.

(4 years later, now i know that those moments was only for me to witness through someone else).

My biggest crush was a certain someone in my class. ~Kind, gentle, smart, and honest~These were the qualities i was attracted to. Physically, there was nothing great to even look at.
'The heart was what matters'.
But a year passed and before we knew it, school was over and college parted us both. But we still kept in contact although now we're basically in strangersville.
But we never had those intimate moments, nor did we had a mutual interest. It was ALL me.

College gave me the idea that i might have a new start...or a beginning at all, to be exact!
But tsk tsk Atif, how wrong were you.
I went through the repeated dance of my failing love story.
But thats ok! Love is beautiful, pure, honest and graceful. And somewhere out there, i'll find THE ONE :)

I kept my head held high~
I kept my hope strong at heart~
I held my faith strongly in love's hand~
I stayed on the look out for my 'Moment'.

It never came.....

2 years back, i had my first official love. Oh i was on cloud 9!
Happy as could be, i was relieved and impress at myself that i finally had someone to call my OWN!
Shortly after, REALITY hit me in the face!
And things ended only after 2 months.
I went throught the same progress repeatedly for the next 2 years with many many (practically countless) others.
Untill now, finally, i've open my eyes and bare witness on how the world actually works.

Love isn't a fairytale nor is LIFE.
Well, not mine atleast.

These days, "I Love You"s no longer sweep me off my feet.
It no longer thrills me of the fact that love has 'found' me. And i dont believe in it either. unfortunately, Cupid has lost its power on me and all arrows are now broken.

Some might say im just 'frightened' of love, others may say im just heartless. Which is it?
maybe its a little bit of both. Besides, why do we always need to choose between one another?

Love has lost its quality to me. And maybe i spoke to soon. Maybe my time has yet to come..after all, im only 21.
But for the moment, i'll stick to what i know and learned from that funny cruel four letter word....


Yours truly,

Arthur's Day Celebration Concert UPDATE

So It has been confirmed that Timbaland wont be making an appearance at the concert here in Malaysia but that opened up spaces for 2 more international acts for the night!

Give it up for Colby O Donis and Flo Rida!! woot woot ~

Yes its been confirmed that the two starts will be slotting in at the concert.
Colby O Donis is well known for producing hit songs for other big names such as Lady Gaga, Che'nelle and Akon (among others). Lately his new single featuring our very own Mizz Nina tittled 'What you waiting for' is now a huge hit locally.

And ofcourse the hip hop/R&B Flo Rida famous for all his club-hit music such as 'cant handle me' and 'Low'.

Got your tickets yet?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TIMBALAND a no show?

Yes, it is reported on Twitter by 'JunkOnline' that Mr. Timbaland will not be able to make it for Arthur's day concert here in Malaysia as posted in my previous blog. But officials has yet to announce the reason for he's cancellation.Guess we'll just have to find out when it makes it to the local papers soon.

tsk tsk...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arthur's Day Celebration Concert, Malaysia.

2 International Big names will be making their way down to Sunway Lagoon's surf beach, KL at 8pm this 24th September 2010.
Tickets will be sold for 3 different prices >

White Zone: RM 98
Black Zone: RM 198
Gold Zone (Mosh Pit): RM 350

So wondering who those stars are?.....drum role please!

Its mr. SEAN KINGSTON and the big man himself, mr. TIMBALAND!!!
(among other performers)

Ticketing hotlines > Galaxy: 603-2282 2020. www.galaxy.com.my
Axcess: 603-7711 5000. www.axcess.com.my
sunway lagoon: 603-5639 0000. www.sunwaylagoon.com

or for more information at www.arthursday.com.my