Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Books: For One More Day

Its funny that i suddenly just 'gave birth' to my interest in reading. And this book makes me wanna continue reading!
Mitch Albom's 'For One More Day' is indeed a heartfelt book worth the read.
The book tells a story of a guy who lost contacts with his daughter and ex-wife, this lead him to the point of suicidal and as he involved himself in an accident, he found himself back at his childhood home, talking to his dead mother for a day. I shall not reveal the ending and details. Thats up to you to read up on it.

Mitch writes with simplicity which makes the book readable to anyone and his imagination on this story will lead u to tears as u go from one chapter to another.
Of all the days i took time to read this book, it only took 2 days to finish it up. Yes, this is indeed a MUST-READ among her other work such as '5 People You Meet In Heaven' and 'Tuesdays With Morrie' (which i have yet start reading, though i WILL).

ps: me being young, i just realized they made a movie of this book too! I would strongly advise you to take a read first before watching the movie. :)

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