Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honest TRUTH: Khurafat ~ Perjanjian Syaitan

So Its been a week since the movie has been released in our local cinemas, and words are flying out and about that this movie, KHURAFAT, is one of the best horror movie and a must-watch this year.

'Best'? 'Must-watch'?.....my question, which part???
As i confirmed my tickets, i was excited to know that what im about to watch is something my friends were tweeting about and how our local newspaper 'The Star' reviewed it as a horror movie filled with thrills, screams and suspense!
Little did i know i would walk out of the cinema feeling fooled, betrayed and above all, VERY upset with our local 'audiences'/film-critics on letting out false statement on KHURAFAT.

Perhaps some of you are saying im putting the standards a little bit too high on our local film industry and THIS was good enough. But if 'THIS' is good enough and my standards are 'too high', then when oh when will our industry starts improving into producing quality movies?
We will never go far if KHURAFAT is considered a good movie in the public eyes. Our audience plays a big cause, but thats another controversial topic.

Ok now, the FLAWS:
Typical malay scripts. Cliche' to-the-max and therefor, making it extremely unrealistic in our day to day conversation. Yes, it is always nice to read a well-spoken, formal dialogue BUT..that does NOT apply when it involves hearing it. Unless the movie is set way back in the early 19's or 18's, formal and polite scripts are just less believable to our present-day life-style. How can we relate ourself into the movie? When we cant relate, how would they expected us to enjoy the movie in full concentration? The audience will not get to feel or 'menghayati' the movie. And the number one criteria in making a good movie, is to make it as believable as possible.
Next we have the most obvious flaw through out the movie. "Camera, ACTION!" its like the director forgotten one important ingredient in making a realistic movie. LIGHTS!!! Can someone pleaseeeeeee turn on some lights on the set?! Yes i know the theme of the whole movie is based on chills and dark suspense moments, but when a scene is only lighted up with a 44 watts spotlight in the office, it makes us think of why haven't the hospital paid their bills yet? Unnecessary thoughts such as these will interrupt one's flow in the movie's storyline. In fact, there was a laughing chapter among the audience as one made funny assumptions on why there isn't enough lights in the scene!
Bad acting. Bad actresses. Nothing new in out local cinema problems. Who is in charge of the movie's casting dept? Why are they hiring such lousy actors? Can i even be extra cruel in being honest?..yes i can. UGLY UGLY actors! Not all of course. But some very unfavourable faces on the big screens. There are many many other actors who can play those roles much better. But it seems like talent and looks is blind when it comes to those in charge of the casting department. Yes, yes, yes. They were blind as a bat and the only thing they were doing was listening to the actors script reading without looking. Most probably why they didn't put the 'Doraemon' VO > Fasha Sandha in it. That, i must say was a good move. THE ONLY good move done.
Typical movie line and repeated scenes made KHURAFAT another obvious film to waste time one watching. Ghost at the back, girl looks back, ghost goes missing, girl looks around, girl does slow head turn to the obvious direction of the ghost..and TADAAAA there's the ghost!!!! Shocking and original right? *sarcasm*
You'll find yourself watching these types of scene through out the movie and if this sounds all too familiar, well it's probably because these are THE scenes used in EVERY local horror films. Predictable, typical, old-school, boring..YAWN ;o

There are plenty other details into making KHURAFAT a disappointment in my book, but biggest of all was that i held on to the false hope i got from local movie critics and easy-to-please audiences. Maybe it's my fault to think that finally, our Malaysian directors, that Syamsul Yusof ( who also starred in the movie. Another M.Night Syamalan? ), has finally come up with an original ghost movie with plenty of twists and unexpected story-line. Nevertheless we ( or in this case, I ) was lead to feeling nothing less than being annoyed and upset that i have wasted a good 1hour+ of my life! Will our Malaysian filmmakers ever make an original film? isn't it time already?! -__-

A friend i went to watch with said that KHURAFAT shouldn't have been nothing more than a telemovie and i have to put on my full agreement on that statement. KHURAFAT was not worth the hype.

If i had to rate KHURAFAT,
MOVIE rating: 2 stars.



  1. if i might add, maybe its cos u r a guy and all guys i know hate horror movies cos of the similar scenes....
    y not if u have the money, create your own horror movie

  2. memang tak best pun...mcm tuh gak wei....mcm xda apa2 pun...xpaham gak aku kan....