Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inhuman Beings

Abuse abuse abuse.
What is it that sparks such a disturbing manner into one's thoughts till the point it produced excitement and joy?
Its not an act of sanity.

I've been watching a lot of animal abuse videos posted on youtube and mainly Facebook, lately. A hooded teen throwing helpless new-born puppies into a river, a sexy woman stabbing a poor kitten in search of some love in the eye with her heels, twisted chinese girls sitting on glass placed on top of an innocent bunny till its being crushed to death and now,a most recent one that happened right here in Malaysia is a chinese man, slapping and tossing a poodle across the room after it failed it's lessons in standing only on its hind legs. Seriously?!

Since when did these creatures were ever able to be human in the first place?...Never had and never will.
But as for these so-called humans, they are doing a really good job at becoming inhuman. In fact, its a disgrace to label them anything more than an animal!
They're sick people with the heart of Satan's.

Since the video of the abused poodle started popping up on facebook about a few days ago, thousand of outraged viewers has been ganging up on finding these abusers in the video for some cruel yet fair revenge. Big and important names from th government has also made calls in complaint of the grueling act.

The video was posted up by someone who claimed she had discovered it on a thumbdrive and decided to upload it on the popular video streaming site > Youtube.
It became a popular hit. It saddened me, as a Muslim Malaysian, of how cruel AND stupid our locals can behave towards an animal!
As I'm writing this, I am also holding back tears in pity for the poodle. And no, im not just saying this to add in the dramatic episode. Personally, i love dogs. And i've been wanting one for myself to share love and care between us humans and them animals. After all, we came from one creator. But of course being a Malaysian muslim, i am restricted into owning a dog and this enraged me to think that those unfortunate innocent animals have to fall in the hands of knowledge-less people.

In the 15 minuets-long video, a shirtless man is seen yelling and shouting (in cantonese) at the poodle to stand on only its hind legs while a woman was recording the event. After failed attempt of the poodle to do so (hence, its a dog -_-) the man then started slapping and tossing the hurt dog across the room.
I have not personally watch this video yet and i dont think i even want to.
Just looking at these pictures makes me sick to my stomach and im typing this being completely PISSED OFF!
Idiots! *pardon my language but without a doubt, they deserve more than just foul language.

I HOPE that the authorities would soon get those involved in the video in handcuffs and behind bars if not on the electric chair.

Please people, start behaving like one.


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