Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diary ; Catching up time ;)

Heyyyy peeps!
Im so so so sorry on my 'disappearance'. But here's a catching up session (excuses as my defense) --->

No fancy shmancy story to update ya'll about, but on the other hand, I have joined the AirAsia Allstars family. Flight Attendant trainee Batch 117..the coolest batch on the academy! woohooo ;p

(my batch-mate Suresh, remy and ME )

Its my 4th week of training now and we (i, representing my batch of course) have about another 3 more weeks to go.

Grooming-Service Excellence-Announcement-Aviation-Inflight-(and as now,)First Aid.
These are the subjects of training i've been through and i have a few more to go.

My dear readers, let me tell you one thing: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE flight attendants!
Only once you join in the training process will you appreciate and understand the airline industry and how difficult it is to be a flight attendant..or as the general public consider us to be, 'waiters and waitresses of the airplane'.

There is more to it then just serving meals and selling items on board. 'We' are in-charge and responsible first and far-most, the passenger's SAFETY.
To be able, or properly saying, QUALIFIED to be the 'on air LIFEGUARD', we must first go through an intense/tiring training of first aid and safety-security class.

As of the date this blog is written, I am now in my 3rd day of first aid training and let me tell you this...IT AINT EASY!

So yes, a few months back my bed time was when the sun rises but now my sleeping schedule has turned outside down and i now rise along with the morning sun.

SO my dear readers, please forgive me for keeping it hush hush lately for i have been pretty busy (getting prettier while being busy! heheheehehehhe) and i PROMISE you this > I will post up anything worth blogging about once i have the materials aites!

As for now, keep following me and have patience. I'll BE BACK.

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