Friday, June 3, 2011

Diary: UPdaTEs on mOi !!

Wassup friends! How's it going???
Sorry for the major delay on updating my blog and on Youtube as well.
If you have any interest at all in my personal life then you'd know that the last time i updated myself to you was when I'm busy in training with AirAsia.

Well 2 months has passed since then and im proud to say i passed the academy with flying colours and here i am, busy as ever!

its been about close to 3 months now that i've been flying 'solo' as a flight attendant and i must say, i am all drained out. 5 times a week, up to 6 flights a day. Can you imagine?

I feel the aging effect on myself and i aint lovin it. No No No....
Gone are the days when im able to stay awake till 4am and be asleep till noon. Now the latest for me to stay energetically awake is till 10pm. Anything more than that and im using all my might to keep my eye lids from falling.
Yes that's right...R.I.P to my social life.

But of course with every hard work, comes a price.
And that price, is on me ;)
I got half a taste of my full income last month and that has kept and will keep me smiling on every 26th day of the month. Heheheeeee~
Its my first four-figured earning in my life and Im proud of it.
And yes, with every price, goes my time for friends, family, partying, daily exercise and all the other routines i used to do before 4 months ago.

Ahhhh...Like everything else in this world ( i suppose ), time is needed to get the use of it. I'm still fitting myself hard to fit in the triangle box of my working hours. But that however is something all flight attendants in the world will have to deal with i suppose.
And surprise surprise, just half an hour into my standby hours, Im being called up for another flight later at 4 (as we, well I speak...or type o_O)
Another hour to waste so lets continue ~ Then comes the inflight services and standard of procedures. Complicated at first but im slowly getting the hand of it, Thank God, but Im still learning.
Ps; got my hand burnt from heating the food in the oven on board :( (and i was wearing gloves, mind you)

All in all work is fun IF, and ONLY IF, my set of crew are the fun ones as well.
People comes in different shapes and sizes including personality. However in the kind of work we are doing, It is utterly important for our leading to be humble, nice, patient and FUN for a smooth day at work. After all, THAT is the quality of personality AirAsia is looking for during the interviews~

Oh well...what else is there to say?
Work aside, when it comes to my social life, dinners and movies are all what i managed to do for now as all my days off are on the weekdays and let me remind mentally falling asleep after 10pm. sNorT~

Oh and on my health-story , I have replaced my daily outdoor walk in the little 'jungle' of Gasing Hill (Bukit Gasing) and nightly jog with the indoor atmosphere of the gym. Fitness First @ Empire, Subang mostly. Gotta buff up this flabs ya'll...although i know its gonna take years and years and years -_-.

Also, I have a new member to the family! Can someone say "meoowwww"! hahahah
yes, i've adopted a stray cat i found at the ever delicious Humble Chef about 2 months back and its the most adorable-easy to train feline ever. Dumbell is his name. < Don't ask >

Ok guys, GTG and get ready! Just found out that i need to be there at 3 instead of 4. an hour makes a lot of difference! CHOWWW~ 'tHat's LiFe...' ;)

ps; I'll leave you with more of my latest photo gallery~

View from the top

I was THIS close when Tun Dr Mahathir visited AirAsia academy!

Tobey after the vet. High as ever!

Sleepy Mommy :)

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