Friday, March 25, 2011

Rebecca Black - FRIDAY. ~Misunderstood story~

"It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday,
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend..."

Introducing ONE of the most cheezy and cliche' song ever!
It almost seems like no effort was done whatsoever during the writing of the lyrics and Rebecca Black's voice proves that everyone out there has potential to become a singer.


Yes yes...Im not ashamed to go all out and say that I am now, a Rebecca Black FAN! weett weett ;p
Before you jump the gun and shoot me, listen up to what i've got to say and think about it yourself.

I started out as one of Rebecca Black's haters. Poking fun at the song and posting nasty jokes at the 13yo Rebecca Black. But at the same time, in the dark, away from other's presence, I was in fact hitting the replay button on Youtube!
Then i realize it! *I AM ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT*

I mean come on, Yes the lyrics could have been a lot better and her voice can be somewhat like an annoying duck, but what else can be said about that most anticipated day ~ FRIDAY!?

I had like what seems like the most longest week ever and when Friday finally came, Rebecca was singing to me the whole day.

Ok, my point >
1. Its a simple song about a day called Friday.
" Yesterday was thursday, Today it is friday, we we we so excited, we so excited,
we gonna have a ball today, tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwardssss.."
Now, HOW TRUE is this???
Do you guys get it now? The lyrics doesnt have to be so complicated and all, cause in the end, it's all about being excited that Friday is finally here and the day after would be the weekend! TADAAAA :D

Its about time someone comes up with something simple. Who says every song has to be perfectly written with bombastic words with original catchphrase and breath-taking story line?
I mean in reality, the only thing we are excited about on a Friday is that tomorrow, we don't have to work!
Its not always bout doing drugs, or making love, or about thousands of these insects called firefly lighting up the sky while you lay down dreaming about something...Its about a day called...*drum roles*...FRIDAY.

2. The voice. Yes yes, i cant argue here when i say she doesn't have the best voice ever and auto-tune is indeed a big help. However, TAKE NOTE she's only an AVERAGE 13YO GIRL! How many everage people out there? raise your hand! *raising hand*. Ok now you can drop back your hand down. You guys see my point yet?
It aint always about getting a singer with an angelic voice like JoJo and all, but let a normal 13yo express her joy on a Friday!
Whats the big deal? At least she reminds us that not everyone in the world can sing, and therefor she is sort of 'representing' us non-singers! hahahaha....but seriously.

Aside from these two points i have, it is NO DOUBT a very catchy song. And don't you be in denial about this.

We defend ourselves so much on being human...but which part of us is human when we say nasty stuff to a 13yo? Rebecca Black may not be perfect, but the only one in the world who is PERFECT, is not even visible. (You know WHO Im talking about).

We are real people with real voices and real feelings. (Full stop)

I have come to the end of my reasons on how and why I became, from a hater, to a fan.
And here's something i read somewhere on Twitter that makes A LOT of sense >
"To be honest, i don't see much different in CREATIVITY between 'Baby Baby Baby Oh...' and 'Its Friday Friday Gotta Get Down On Friday'"

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