Sunday, April 26, 2015

of LOVE and LUST

The big question. Are we in love? Or do we just devour ourselves in LUST, to the point we can't tell one apart?
There's been many, and I mean many occasions when I've convinced myself that I am in love with another person just because they (and I remind you...many occasions) are the vision -physically- of a beautiful couple portrait.
So one day, I asked myself, do I love them? Or am I in love with that fantasy picture I drew in my own foolish mind?
And the reply I had FOR MYSELF indeed put me to place. A realistic one. I was never in love with them, I was just in love with myself. 'Myself' in a way I envisioned it to be...with them. More like a mirror of false hope, reflecting nothing more than pure fantasy.

It's funny, because they say to talk to ourselves is the first sign of madness. If it's anything I can prove, it indeed gave me the peace I needed with myself. But just out of curiosity, what is being...sane?
People call me crazy numerous times. Friends, families, acquaintances, beck..even strangers. But in my defense, I have YET met someone who is "sane".
Perhaps being "less crazy" is just a way mad people use to describe themselves when they've run out of steam for their own passion and energy in...(wait for it)...LIFE. To live.

Ok, I'm running far off the topic here. Back to the golden question, is it love? Or lust?
Ask yourself this the next time you 'think' you feel butterflies in your tummy. Is she/he really the person you want to wake up to every morning? To care for when they're at their weakest?
If they reveal a darker side of themself, would you be able to compromise?
That, my dear readers, is a trick question.
Someone recently showed me a clip of the late Ertha Kit explaining her point of view for what love is about. When the interviewer asked her of she would be willing to compromise with her partner, she laughed. Loudly. Saying "what is there to compromise?? A relationship needs to be earned!"
A wise lady she was. Couldn't have said it better myself.
We should stop expecting (period). Let's start enjoying the company of the other person with us. Let our feelings grow...naturally...slowly. And perhaps then, will we understand what love is about.

And remember, if you ever find yourself on a an uncertain path of love vs lust, just take your time and read your map carefully.

After all... That's Life 😉

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