Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cheapskate coffee shops

It's only recently that I've been spending most of my time, wasting my days away sipping coffee and 'cuci mata' in cafe(s) and coffee shops.
But it's come to my attention that some branches of popular franchises abuse their products in quantity.

A few weeks back I ordered an iced blended green tea latte at 'Coffea Coffee' in Bangsar. I was taken aback in displeased once my order came as it was served in a tiny plastic cup instead of its usual tall glass serving.
Ok...So 'tiny' is a strong word to describe it's size, nonetheless, it's 'tiny' as compared to the RM 12++ I still had to pay for.

Let's be real, we know drinks these days cost an arm and yet, we still give in to our temptations just for that deserving cup of coffee (or tea, yogurt name it) just to please our taste buds for the day. And yes, though we still trim down our wallet size, at the end of the day, all we want is a decent cup/glass of our ordered drinks. 

All we ask if that they would at least have a sense of respect for us if not for their own reputation.

Another franchise that does the same (that I have personally experienced) would be 'Tous Les Jours'.
Now this one.....hmmm
Not only did they serve my mango yogurt drink in a plastic cup half the size of the glass but when my usual chicken ceaser salad were served to me, I've noticed there were no bacon in it. Now don't judge me by saying that I'm being difficult or too particular with my orders, no no... The ingredients used in making that perfect salad I've had in mind, is listed down on the menu itself! Please...check it out for yourself.
So typically, I would evaluate my final decision in ordering based on what's in the ingredient list. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

So yes, sue me for being rather disappointed on realizing I was not served what I was 'promised'.

Do we have to keep playing victim to these simple, yet offensive, budget-cutting tricks by these outlets? I mean, if its ok to do, only if the prices too would be slashed in half. Ain't that right?

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