Friday, April 24, 2015

#askforthebil . Bil Musa

Before you dismiss this post as a campaign run, allow me to quickly point out you're wrong. Dont judge a blog by it's tittle.

Introducing...Bil Musa!
Let's move out from under the rock and start breathing some fresh air, yo!
Bil Musa (birthname Nabila Musa) is a blooming flower in the Malaysian music scene.
Signed under Yuna Room Records, Bil Musa is flourishing the local indie scene with her recently launched self-tittled EP on the 5th of April at The Bee, Publika.
Consists of 6 tracks, Bil Musa delivers the sort of sound you'd like to listen to on a Saturday morning to kick off a cheery weekend. 

Not running far off from the sound of 'the boss' Yuna, Bil Musa is somewhat an extension to the sort of a sit-back-and-relax musical vibe.
In the EP, there are 2 Malay tracks (both of which I just adore) and 4 other English tracks. Well.. one of her songs, The Beach, has been split to two different versions. One sung in both Malay and English (per track) and the bonus version includes a pinch of French+English+malay. Sassy.

I first came across Bil's 'The Beach' through Facebook and I immediately fell in love with its quirky lyrics. Most of the words played into the lyrics of Bil Musa's songs are simple and straight to the point. There's no beating around the bush with this one...and perhaps, that's why I find it rather 'easy' to listen to.

Like a snap of the fingers I knew that whom I was listening to is taking a step to a milestone. As a matter of fact, I myself has tweeted her (@BilMusa) and state my trust in her potential saying "you will go far". And like the humble person she is, a reply came in thanking me. So I hope she will forever stay grounded as she shoots for the stars. All the best Bil Musa!

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