Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beauty and the GST

GST. What is GST? Malaysian Goods & Service Tax.
Questions after questions, yet I have not settled upon a concrete feedback on it's factual purpose.
But I'm not going to discuss on taxes. Not on this post. It's about the two infamous Dewi Remaja finalists who has deliberately turned themselves into accidental "bimbo"(s).

Dewi Remaja is some sort of a local 'beauty pageant" for teenagers, or at least that's what I understand about word 'remaja', and just like any other pageant, an IQ test will take place along the competition, and just like any other pageant, a few contestants will -eventually- end up giving unrelatable answers. And two of these finalists did so by failing to explain (therefore revealing their lack of understanding) the three letter killer...GST.

Not long after the interview was released, Malaysian Facebook wall posts burst with videos of the two finalists and critiques came pouring in from left, right and centre. The two girls were (and still is) being called stupid, embarrassing, 'blonds', dumb...you name it! All of a sudden, the entire nation takes it personally. It's an offense to not know what GST is! Because apparently, everyone else understands it completely. Or so we make it look like it. I use the term 'we' only so you won't say that I'm excluding myself as saint against this issue.
The interviewer played it 'tough'. Asking direct questions without even a smile and will occasionally snap if the finalists answers a question with an answer. I get it...It's part of the contest. A test to see how these finalists handles a difficult situation incase of a public backlash. But nonetheless, the interviewer from Hlive was being unprofessionally rude rather than being stern or 'hardcore' BUT professional. But perhaps it's all for the benefit of viewing pleasure I suppose.

But here's the issue...for entertainment or not, the two girls are now being pressured by the ongoing cyber bullying.
Ok, need I be frank and say they did sound ridiculous and immature in represent themselves during the interview, but nonetheless I think the public backlash is just a little bit too hypocritical and overpowering.
So they failed to come up with an explanation of what GST really is, and what GST really stands for, but are we really surprised? What's the big deal? Oh so you think it's just irresponsible for them to not even be bothered of the Malaysian political scene?
And now it's national news.
Oh please, these girls aren't running for president. As a matter of fact, I didn't even thought much about them. It's a useless competition to begin with!

So I asked myself, why is everyone paying attention to something that was practically non-existent just a few days back?
Simple. It just gives us something to talk about. There's a room criticism, we fill it in!
I would like to blindly say that it's a Malaysian thing, but i dont really feel like soaking myself in hot water at the moment (not that i haven't), but Im pretty sure someone out there would love to object my statement and prove themself right.
It's ok. It's a free country.
Yet little do we realize it, that when we commit the guilty act of bullying -by mouth, force, or even just by typing- we fall less than perfect from where they are.

But oh well....That's Life 😉

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