Wednesday, December 30, 2009

here comes 2010, there goes my 'A'...

Remember 'A'?
Well....'A' has made it clear to me that responsibility and work commitment has taken the best of 'A'.
That left me dumped for the new years...what a way to go..tsk tsk.
Really la, now im finally proud to admit that LOVE scares the shit out of me!
i had all my dreams, hopes and future between us and then within a day...all wasted.
im deeply hurt and saddened that 'A' gave up that easy while here i am still holding on to hopes that somehow with some miracle, it's gonna be worth it in the end..please please oh please.
till then, these tears has made my cheeks salty and this nose of mine has turned into rudolf's.

With the passing of an old year and the coming of a new one, may 2010 be the start of something more beautiful in life for me.

fingers crossed and happy new year ya'll!

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