Monday, December 28, 2009

i am an addict....for VEGEMITE!!!

Yes yes...It's true people!
i may be Malaysian by nationality but im Australian when it comes to taste..hahaha

The first time i tasted this 'misunderstood spread' i was shocked to the taste buds as extremely as possible but after a few more spreads on toasts, i finally had fallen deeply in love with this wonders-in-a-jar <3

What is vegemite you may ask?....
well, Vegemite is actually yeast extract from the brewers!
Thats right. And i dont even

What does it taste like?
Salty salty salty with a bit of a beefy and bitter taste.
Doesn't really sounds delicious eh....But once your used to it, trust me, heaven it is :p~

Give it a go and take your time finishing up the whole jar (by weeks, months or even years) and we'll see if you'll change your view on Vegemite based on the first time.


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