Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dont judge a book by its cover now!
I AM MUSLIM is the first book i've actually read (and finished it!) in 2 days!!! its a record!

Written by Dina Zaman, I AM MUSLIM is not another self-help book on religion or some sort. But instead, It is the way the author herself sees Islam in her point of view through experiance.
Dina Zaman writes with honesty and realism. Also keeping her literal side on her Malay roots! Yes, this is the book written by a Malaysian for Malaysian.
Ok, maybe thats not entirely true but thats what i feel anyway.

In this book, i've learned the different ways Islam is practiced around the world. And my favourite part of the whole book is that it constantly points out our hypocrisy ways the Malays practices Islam and and the way our government seems to take things a bit too far at times. Which is all true and un-debateable!

A big slap on our faces in deed. But thats only because it is TRUE, hands down.

But apart from face slapping, I AM MUSLIM also points out the true beauty of Islam and its ways. Readers will find themselves learning and understanding the basic principles of the religion along the way.
And all of this is done through story telling.
I remind you, this isn't a self-help book!

The book is non-muslim friendly and therefor, everyone can read and enjoy it.
So i would recommend everyone reading my blog to go get a copy whenever you can and see if you can beat my record! hahahaha.

ENJoY ;)

( Author: Dina Zaman )


  1. looooveeeee this book!!!one of my fav!!!love the bomoh chapter!

  2. kan kan kan! Now im like so curious and interested in seeing this Pak din jin