Tuesday, September 28, 2010

understanding TWiTTER

Like Vegemite, some would find it hard to understand and hate it, others would be addicted to 'tweeting' and loving it!

Twitter, as most of you know, is currently one of the top socializing network in the internet to date.
The amount of users on Twitter is double the size of the U.S.A!
seriously @_@

What is Twitter?
Twitter is this simple network which lets users let other users know whats 'on their mind'. Be it random thoughts, announcements, informations or/and even for advertisements use.
You type it out, We read it...and thats that
If however, your 'followers' have anything to ask of you or wants to communicate to you through Twitter, they can do so either by replying to you by typing out the 'at' symbol ( @ ) followed by the user's profile name....or if its more private, sending you a direct message. vice versa.

The fun of twitter comes after you reached your desired number of followers. But to attract/gain followers (aside from friends), you first have to tweet things that of which attracts a stranger's attraction. Be it about entertainment, politics, sports..you name it!
it all depends on who YOU really are.
Some prefer to keep their tweets private. By privatizing your tweets, the public can no longer read your tweets and this will make your twitter account less noticeable. And therefor, Only those who personally knows you or have heard of you through other resources will requesting to be one of your followers.

Twitter is an important form of advertising nowadays. Major companies aren't only activating facebook accounts, but are now promoting their products through twitter.

Yes, the days of Myspace are slowly dying and friendster is long gone.

A word of advise: Be very careful of what you tweet. You'll never know which one of your followers are stalking your every move.
Now i mut admit that personally, i didnt like twitter at first. Never really understand the point of it...But now, i tweet almost everything i think about. Its like a literal version of talking to myself in my head. Only this time, everyone can read it out loud. hahaha.

So if your a new user, and your not having an interest in tweeting, give it some time. Maybe, just maybe, you'd be addicted like us millions out there. And if you dont, there's always the 'deactivate account' button for you.
Either way, use Twitter wisely. It can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

ps: you can follow me on twitter if you like :) > AtifZulkifly

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