Friday, February 15, 2013

No wishes made on this 'shooting star'

I was browsing through Twitter yesterday when an interesting retweeted tweet caught my attention. A meteor, crashed to earth near the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia! Now, the reason i say "crash to earth" is to make myself clear that the meteor ACTUALLY had an impact to the ground below it. Most meteor showers results in nothingness as the meteor will usually burn itself into micro-size pieces BEFORE it hits the ground. Unfortunately in this case, the size of the recent meteor outlarge the size needed for it turn to space dust as it enters the earth's atmosphere!About 1000 people were reportedly hurt by the blast and shockwave the meteor produced as it crashes into a nearby lake! A 1000 people! That's not to be taken lightly! Several buildings were effected by the blast (broken windows and such). What worries me is the fact that, in these modern era where meteors and asteroids are 'supposedly' being closely monitored by Nasa and others space-related institutes, no warning whatsoever of such event was sent out! Like seriously?? Yes, this meteor poses no threat to the entire human race BUT....BUT....still, 1000 people (or even more if you count those who didnt lodge report to the authorities) found themselves injured by flying glasses among other objects as windows on buildings broke into pieces by the strong shockwave. In my previous post i have highlighted the increasing amount of sighted oversized falling space rocks and the potential danger it pose, and here it is now a headliner in the world news.THANKFULLY though, no deaths were caused by this unexpected event. But i suppose its 'accidents' like these that reminds us of the higher power in control of the complexity of mother nature and all that lies below...and above it.In the words of Ellie Goulding, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. Xx AZ~

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