Sunday, February 17, 2013

Music2Share; Concrete Wall - Zee Avi

- Boom shiclack clack, boom shiclack, boom shiclack clack, boom shiclack-
goes an acapella 'beatboxing' by Zee Avi as the opening of this song... And well, throughout the whole track actually.

'Concrete Wall' is an original by Malaysian born, LA based singer, Zee Avi!
Telling the story of a turmoil relationship, 'Concrete Wall' is simplicity at its best. Accompanied by Zee's hypnotic voice, its a slow and soothing song that needed nothing more to make it an ear candy.

Concrete Wall is one of the tracks from Zee Avi's 'Ghostbird' album and, its an album i'd recommend you to grab in times you need to lay back at home or in your car to lower down your pulse rate and be in a state of musical calmness.
Cant believe i've waited this long to get Ghostbird myself. Outdated me ':D

To add in the awesome-factor to this track, it was also featured in one of the episodes of Gossip Girls! Malaysia bolehhhhh ~ Xx Az

*here's the link to the official music video for Concrete Wall!
Njoyyy (if link fails, YOUTUBE it)

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