Saturday, February 16, 2013

Overdue Hello & 28k Readers!

Good day blogger world! It's been over a year since i last updated my blog! My oh my....

I was both pleased and surprise to find that although That's Life was left abandoned by me since 2011, ive had more than 28,000 readers to date!
And as for that, this has been very motivating for me to continue blogging. I guess just knowing that what I post has been taken noticed by people from all over the world comforts me. (Then again, who wouldn't? ). But of course with positivity, comes negativity.  The ying and yang of the universe. Only 30+ subscribers (boohooo). But who's to blame if not me myself for leaving my blog out in the dark for the past year, right?

I hope the year has been kind to everyone so far.
I promise to ya'll that I'll do my best to keep this bloggy of mine up to date.
After all, a bold little birdie told me I should continue writing *wink

C ya! Xx Az~ ♡

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