Sunday, December 5, 2010

Through My Lense : BALI

Olla blogheads!
Been a while since you've last heard of me eh.... Well, last week i spent some time in paradise with the Gods.
For those who take things too literally, Im talking about Bali! a.k.a The Island Of The Gods.
This time around, i wont be telling you wat i did and saw. I'll SHOW it to you instead!
Here are some pictures i took (using my Canon EOS 550D ) of its beauty, culture and people.
Hope you guys will enjoy it aites~

( p/s: All photos here were 100% captured by ME!!! Thank you )


  1. amazing! I like the way you look at things :)

  2. Quite a number of good shots there.

    -mat salleh reading a book.
    -mat salleh kid by the shore
    -the island pic. You have another version where you zoomed in but I like the shot taken from a distance. It can be a book cover.

  3. cantiknya wei......gilalah wei...ang ada talent lah...cantik2 semua...gambar pulau memang aku suke bangettttt.....suka2...bila nak snap gambar akuuuuuuuuu