Friday, December 10, 2010

With Great Comedy, Comes The Grammy!

If your a stand up comedy fan and you love dirty+gay+asian+mom jokes, then most likely your a fan of famouse American born, asian stand up comedian...Margeret Cho.
Margeret released an album sometime last year and to everyone else, it sounded like a joke..but the joke is certainly on us!
The album, 'Cho Dependent', is nominated for the BEST COMEDY ALBUM OF THE YEAR in the upcoming Grammy award!
Well i dont see why it has no potential in winning either. Its seriously a hilarious album!
One of my favourite song on the album would have to be 'Eat Shit And Die'. LOL.
All of her songs are wacky and (somewhat) direct. Its an album for those who are in dying need to listen to in the car or at home and just laugh.

So now that she's got her album nominated, Margeret is in the doubt of what to wear for the red carpet event. in fact, she's even considering on wearing her 'poop' costume she wore on her 'Eat Shit And Die' music video.
You gotta love her :D

Good luck Miss Cho!

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