Monday, December 27, 2010


There is a new Trending Topic on Twitter at the moment that has grabbed attention around the world and stress among Malaysians and Indonesians.


How did it all started and when?
Since Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup against Indonesia yesterday.
Its been rumoured that the cause of Malaysia's win was by the help of lasers used among the audience. Not only has this 'distracted' the indonesian football team, but it also made Malaysia a cheating winner.

Now, i was never interested in the football match to begin with and the first thing i posted on my facebook status was > "im not bothered about which team will win, but instead im more interested to see the damage of the stadium after the match..."
Little did i know that the stadium ended up unscratched and it was Twitter that became the punching bag!

Yes, the Indonesian has planned smart and taken a BIG step to shame Malaysia to the world.

It is indeed an unfair war. To compare the amount of twitter users in Indonesia and Malaysia is a win-lose situation. Thus 'HATE MALAYSIA' is bound to 'trend'.

But did the Malaysian team really cheated? Was the Indonesian team suppose to celebrate their winning victory? Was it all a MISTAKE?
There's no denying that the use of lasers nowadays are growing popular among asian countries. One can get a high-quality laser for about RM80. Its common to see the use of such laser in clubs and party events.

But as in this case, it takes more than just a LASER for a football team to lose out on 3 goals!
If THIS is what lasers can do, then move over missiles, LASERS ARE THE NEW BOMB!

So the Indonesians are blaming on distraction?
First of all, this is a football match. A football match, such as these, are played in an open stadium in the sight of thousands of screaming fans among other noise makers. If a whole team cant keep focus and lose concentration over a laser then it's all the more proof that they were trained to play privately in a closed, quiet stadium somewhere hidden in the tropical rainforest of mystical Java.

( Let me remind you that they LOST out on 3 GOALS here..> 3 < is a big number )

There is no excuse whatsoever on how Malaysia has cheated in the game. If it is proven cheated, then flag up the red card!

This just prove that some Indonesian ( stress out on SOME ) just can't see Malaysia claim victory to anything. It is indeed, a TABOO in their country.

Jealousy is all it is to make this 'trending topic' an internet war of words.

tsk tsk


  1. Ah i found your blog on twitter, someone linked it because of the hate Malaysia being a TT. I have to say that I agreed 100% with what you said. yeah the ones who shone the laser really did made a mistake but the Indonesians are being so immature about this :/

  2. well, u've missed 1 important info...the lasers were shot at the other side of the stadium (indo side that is),still wanna blame the malaysian team?

    p/s:not being racist and not intend to...

  3. "Hate Malaysia"??? LOL! Sometimes hate sometimes love... Hmmm... A complicated and confusing country... What a Malaysia... :D