Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey Hey my dear readers!
I know its been awhile and im glad you guys have not 'unfollowed' me! (yet).
Its not that i've stopped blogging or forgotten all about it...its just that MY life is so DULL -_-
Absolutely nothing for me to share with you guys.

So today, instead of ignoring my poor baby bloggy, im gonna share something i find completely deliciously amazinggggg!


Freaking deliciouse ;p~

Its thick with layers of chocolate and caramel, and just one of this is enough to give u some sugar rush effect. yummmmy :)

So guys, if Cadbury Boost is available in your area....please please please grab a bite.
I kid you not when i say it is chocolate heaven.....mmmmmmmmmm

Now i know what you guys a thinking...after months of silence, here i am with a blog about some chocolate??? WTF!
But just wait a little k guys. I promise you my next blog will be about something that is less time-wasting.
ps: i love ya'll


  1. i must trying this ! thanks for the info :)

    i folo u

  2. Hi, i was wondering where in KL can i find that Cadbury Boost? I had some in UK but couldn't find them here & thought they were not imported to Malaysia until i stumble on your blog. Please share where i can grab loads of Boost? Thanks.

  3. Im sooo sorry for the late late late reply, but incase you have yet indulge yourself in bossty goodness, you can easily find them in any 7 eleven stores or even ANY convineince store in fact. They're everywhere now!