Thursday, June 17, 2010

MTV World Stage, Malaysia 2010

For the second time, Sunway Lagoon will host this exciting event on the 31st of July 2010.
Unlike last year's line up (Pixie Lott, Boys like girls, The All American Rejects, Hoobastank..etc), this year is however much less in quantity. But, that doesnt make it any less in quality.

Come this years event, Malaysians will get the chance to see Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel, The Wonder girls and Bunkface live baybeh!!!


Personally, im most excited to catch Katy Perry and The Wonder Girls live in action!
infact, i recently told myself that if the korean all-girls pop sensation 'Wonder Girls' are making an appearance in my country, I MUST GO. And now, they come!

Nobody nobody but chuuuu ;)

And then we have KATY PERRY. Im sure i need not to further explain myself here...its KATY PERRY!!! :D not too fimiliar with these local lads but i know they're the 'in' band in Malaysia now and i must give my support to band member, Farhan. My collegemate of same batch. Congrats on them for making it this far. Kuddos.

Now, the most famouse German rock band..Tokio Hotel.
To be frank, im not really a big fan of them (neither am i a fan at all actually).
But whatever, the mission for that nite is to ROCCCKKKK ONNNN! haha.

So yes, i've won myself a pair of 'Bee excess' passes from the main website >

So go ahead and try your luck to get your hands on those passes quick!!!
And if your lucky, we'll meet ;)

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  1. hahah ye was the same with me, like with Tokio Hotel. when the show will take place, unfortunately I am far to be in Indonesia