Thursday, June 10, 2010

HOUSTON, we have a problem!

the living legend, the voice, the true diva....These were what Ms. Whitney Houston was once known for and labelled.

But that was then..and this is now.

We've all heard about her fans walking away halfway throughout her concert all around the world (even when she performed in Malaysia, half the audience left just 20 minuets through the show..i was there). In London, Whitney even had to apologize to her fans for her awful performance. And just recently, hundreds of fans once again walked out of her concert in Denmark.
sad sad sad.

But this time around, her fail to wow the crowd with her vocal is not what caught the attention of the public...Ms nippy here has finally ballooned up!

yes, she has actually bloated to 175 pounds!!!

I remember she once said in an interview that she'll never be fat/overweight/big (which ever you call it) but it seems she spoke way too soon.

Come one Whitney!
Your already losing your u have to lose your looks as well?

hmmmmmm. But then again, She is only human.
But this human made the biggest mistake of her life.
And now it looks like its the beginning of an ending :(

Whitney should be the perfect example and warning of what drugs could do to you in the future.

So all you readers, take Whitney as a lesson.
No good can come out of DRUGS and (too much) ALCOHOL!