Thursday, April 1, 2010

MUSiC> Gravity

One of my new favorite artist from the UK...Pixie Lott!
I've heard her album and i'll give it a 4 out of 5 ****

One of my favourite track on the album however has gotta be 'Gravity'.
The song tells the story of how she is in love with a guy but everyone around her says he's not good for her and that she should leave him for her own good.
But ofcourse the power of love sometimes wins, and she ended up not being able to leave him everytime she tries....just like gravity. You can only jump at your highest but your feet will be back on the ground.

One of those songs im sure many can relate to.

The video is simple.
Its shows her doing a contemporary dance in a black tutu, jumping off from the ground in a very nice formal outfit in slow motion and showing her show girl side in a short black wig and sexy black dressing (which reminds me a lot of Catherine Zeta-Jones actually).

Its not one of those dance song, neither is it a slow emotional song...its sort of has a very 'inspirational' vibe to it. But thats only my opinion. Check it out and judge for yourself :)

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