Thursday, April 29, 2010

~Kelly Clarkson live in Malaysia concert review~

She came, she sang, she conquered!
The 'original' American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, paid a visit to her Malaysian fans on the 25th of April 2010..on her Birthday!
And i was lucky enough to be able to catch her live at Stadium Bukit Jalil, KL.

The show started roughly after 7pm with Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn victor and One In A Million winner, Suki as opening acts.
Jaclyn Victor wowed the crowd with her vocal power by performing her first track on her 3rd album, Koleksi Gemilang (a medly combination of 25 malay songs).
Then, Suki hit the stage by perfroming some malay song ( which i dont know the tittle of) ;p

Finally, time has come...Kelly Clarkson came on stage roughly after 8.30pm with her opening song, All I Ever Wanted!
Dressed in her same outfit that she wore in her Australian concert the day before, Kelly decided to go barefoot! And she did this throughout the show.

Her Malaysian fans obviously adored her as they went wild throughout her present on stage and they even sang along beautifully to her songs. 'We' even tried singing happy birthday to her but was interrupted when she started singing another song. Kelly acknowledge our attempt after the song though ;p

Kelly is a fantastic vocalist and performer.
She's real, energetic, fun and you can see that she's very comfortable on stage among her fans and thats what makes me adore her even more!

i must admit that i wasn't really a big Kelly Clarkson fan before, but now after watching her live, im in love with this lady.

The show ended at 10pm and it felt like she just started minutes ago.

If Kelly Clarkson is making her way to a city near you, i'd strongly recommend you to go get your tickets!

ps: sorry i have no photos of her on stage for i was completely too excited to take pictures when she's

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